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Outgoing Students

Anna FricanoAnna Fricano

Durante il percorso di studi in biotecnologie mediche e medicina molecolare, ho avuto l’opportunità di partecipare al programma Erasmus, della durata di circa sei mesi, per lo sviluppo della mia tesi.

Ho frequentato il laboratorio di “Protein folding and Conformational deseases”, presso l’Università Autonoma di Barcellona. Penso che fare un’esperienza all’estero, sia fondamentale per chi desidera intraprendere una carriera scientifica. Infatti, quest’esperienza ti permette di arricchire le tue competenze professionali e tecniche, ma anche di integrarti in ambienti stimolanti, sia dal punto di vista lavorativo che personale. Io ho avuto modo di confrontarmi con altri giovani ricercatori e di occuparmi di un progetto di ricerca in maniera autonoma.

Ho vissuto in una città multietnica e bellissima, come Barcellona, ricca di musei, meraviglie architettoniche, spiagge vivaci e vie sempre animate. Una città organizzata ed efficiente, rinomata anche per la sua vitalità. Consiglio a tutti i miei colleghi di fare questa esperienza altamente formativa.


During my master degree in medical biotechnology and molecular medicine, I chose to join   the Erasmus program, in order to write  my  master thesis.

For six month, I attended the laboratory of  "Protein folding and Conformational deseases", at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain. I decided to apply for such exchange experience because is my personal opinion  that, in order to become a full developed scientist, having an experience abroad, is essential . In fact, this experience allows you to enrich your professional and technical skills, but also to integrate yourself in a new and challenging scientific environment. I had the opportunity to meet  other young researchers and to take responsability of a research project independently. My personal skills improved a lot and i was glad to make lost of new friends.

I really enjoyed Barcelona, a beautiful multi-ethnic city, rich in museums, architectural wonders, lively beaches and always lively streets. An organized and efficient town, also renowned for its vitality. In the end, I would encourage all my colleagues to make this highly formative experience.

Claudia Blanda

I have just completed the master degree in Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine at the University of Palermo. When I was at the first year of the master we were suggested about the opportunity to join the Erasmus program. I have always known that an experience abroad is really important in this field of study, so I did a three month placement at the Division of Biosciences of the Brunel University of London. During that period I studied the regulation of gene expression in the model organism S. cerevisiae and familiarised with a wide range of cell and molecular biological techniques, working hard, but always well supported by kind and helpful people around me.

After that period I was definitely convinced about the importance of a work experience in a foreign country, so I decided to be back again to the Brunel University during the second year of the master for five more months in order to work at the dissertation project, adding new knowledge to my background and improving even more my English.

This experience gave me great personal satisfaction and enriched me a lot. A part from the knowledge acquired, I think that living in a foreign country is really helpful to open your mind to a new way of thinking and to different people, London in particular is full of cultures from all over the world. I suggest the Erasmus experience to everyone!

Francesca Aglialoro

Francesca Aglialoro

I have always thought of doing an experience abroad during my studies, so I was extremely glad to hear about the Erasmus+ program. In our case, there was the chance to write our master thesis in a foreign laboratory, so I chase University of Helsinki. I didn’t regret it at all! I had the chance to work in a specialized structure, to try innovative techniques, as well as get to know a professional but at the same time welcoming environment. I have also enjoyed living in Finland, a beautiful land with incredible landscapes, as well as living in Helsinki, a modern but sophisticated city.

I would suggest an exchange program as Erasmus to everyone, because you will learn to socialize with a multicultural environment, improve the foreign language, and last but not least because it can change you as a person and can help you understand who you want to be in the future.

Erasmus BCN 2017Mattia Di Bono

My name is Mattia, a student of Medical Biotechnologies and Molecular Medicine of the Università degli Studi di Palermo and I took part to the “Erasmus + Studio” project. From Febrary to July 2017 I was a student of the Univesitat Autonoma de Barcelona: I can sum up this experience in a word  “intense” , in which you are alone against a big cosmopolitan city as Barcelona. I improved my knowledge having an intership at the Institut de Biotecnologia I de Biomedicina and working at the molecular immunology laboratory: all in all, my group and I have been focusing on iNKT-mediated anti-tumoral answer!

But Barcelona was not just work and study for me…It is a metropolis for young people, offering amazing places and so much fun: from Park Guell, Sagrada Familia and Montjuick, to the Barceloneta, Ciutadella and Tibidabo and other more! This experience gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of people from all around the world: Italy, Poland, France, Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Perù, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Corea, Nepal and many more! So now I’m able to answer to a simply question: What does Erasmus mean? It means: speak four languages at the same time; learn different cultures; support each other; have fun;  make friends, build a family and share feelings and love!