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The Syntax of Causative, Perception and Restructuring Verbs in Romance and Latin (SCUP 2022) - Thursday 26 May/Friday 27 May


In 2022, the annual SCUP (Syntactic Conferences at the University of Palermo) will be devoted to causative, perception and restructuring verbs.

Although these predicates do not form a uniform class in the Romance languages, they show a number of common properties: they can all select bare infinitives and display some transparency effects, which were traditionally interpreted as pointing to a monoclausal structure (e.g., clitic climbing, single case domain, long passivization).

This workshop hosts eight invited speakers from different nations, which work on different languages and constructions. In addition, there are several selected talks and posters that will highlight many aspects of the syntax of these verbs, both synchronically and diachronically. The main aim of the workshop is to contribute to our knowledge of causative, perception and restructuring constructions in a cross-linguistic, intra-Romance perspective.


Poster workshop