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RPC-Lab Research Lab in Clinical and Group Psychology: promotion of wellbeing and innovation


Main research topics of the Laboratory are:

-       Eating disorders and body image

Online interventions for eating disorders. Body image concerns in eating disorders. The therapeutic relationship in the treatment of eating disorders. Binge eating disorder and obesity.

-       Psychotherapy Research

The effectiveness of psychological interventions. The study of therapeutic alliance and psychotherapeutic processes.

-       Groups Dynamics

The study of interpersonal relationships in group settings, especially group psychotherapy.

-       Psychometrics

-       Social Media

The study of the stream of communication and connection provided by social media. How individuals are currently developing social media habits that can simultaneously benefit and harm their mental well-being.

-       Internet gaming disorder and Problematic Smartphone use

The study of interacting with mobile devices (e.g., smartphones and tablets) which has now become strongly embedded in contemporary societies as many different types of activity can now be engaged in (e.g., gaming and gambling).

-       Health Psychology

The contribution of clinical psychology in healthcare contexts, with particular interest on the analysis of psychological factors in the treatment of medical pathologies (e.g. psycho-oncology research, infertility research, caregivers’ impact in managing medical diseases) and psychological factors linked to the COVID-19 pandemic (e.g. psychological distress, vaccine hesitancy).


Current research topics of the Laboratory are:

-  Mental health impact of COVID-19 pandemic

Maria Di Blasi   Gianluca Lo Coco

-       COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

Laura Salerno

-       Adolescents’ problematic smartphone and social media use

Gianluca Lo Coco, Maria Di Blasi Laura Salerno ,

- Escapism and Problematic Online Gaming

       Maria Di Blasi


The therapeutic alliance in group therapies

Gianluca Lo Coco:    Salvatore Gullo: