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Laboratory of Behavioral Observation and Research on Human Development


Main research topics of the Lab are:

-          Cognitive development

-          Emotional and meta-emotional intelligence development

-          Motor development

-          Social development

The study of interpersonal relationships and social competence in the life span, with particular interest on the development of democratic and intercultural competence (Council of Europe’s Reference Framework of Competence for Democratic Culture; RFCDC; Barrett et al., 2018) and on the educational approaches useful to foster these competences

-          Pediatric psychology, and Prenatal and Perinatal Development

The Pediatric Psychology is expression of a Developmental Psychology with clinical-developmental perspective, taking a multi-professional approach integrated. It promotes the health of developmental trajectory starting from the prenatal, when a chronic/severe/acute disease is present

-          Parent-child relations during infancy, childhood, adolescence and emerging adulthood

The study of parent-child relationships in different contexts and different periods of the life span (e.g., infancy, childhood, adolescence and emerging adulthood) with particular regard to parenting dimensions and their relations with children’s psychological well-being

-          Educational robotics and new technologies for learning

-          Neurodevelopmental disorders and learning disabilities

-          School psychology

-          Personality development across the lifespan

-          Humans’ attitude and behavior toward technologies

-          Gender identity and sexual orientation in heterosexual, cisgender and LGBTQI+ people

Identity development is analysed with regard to gender and sexual orientation. Discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation is investigated in different contexts and the effectiveness of preventive interventions is evaluated


Current research topics of the Lab are:

-          Adolescents’ and emerging adults’ psychological well-being during COVID-19 pandemic Concetta Polizzi

-          Democratic and intercultural competences in the context of primary and secondary schools Sonia Ingoglia

-          I CARE: Impegno Civico, Atteggiamenti e fattori individuali e sociali di Reazione durante e dopo l’Emergenza da covid-19 (Civic engagement, Attitudes and individual and social Responses during and after covid19 Emergency)

Sonia Ingoglia

Ingoglia, S., Musso, P., Inguglia, C., Barrett, M., Tenenbaum, H., Cassibba, R., ... & Lo Coco, A. (2021). Aligning personal and collective interests in emerging adults during the COVID‐19 emergency in Italy. Journal of Community Psychology.

-          Intersex individuals: exposure to sexual minority stress and identification of protective factors. Paola Miano

-          Gender stereotypes, discrimination and ostracism towards adolescents and young adults. Paola Miano