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“PINC Inclusive Playgrounds: Teacher Training Programme” (PINC)

Erasmus+ Project 2020-1-ES01-KA203-082341

Contact person Marianna Alesi (

Applicant: University of Murcia (Spain)

The project aims to design and develop a training program to provide students in Education and Sports Sciences with the skills to facilitate students with disabilities inclusion in recreational environments during childhood. It aims to develop good practices and experiences from each of the participating organisations by a joint intervention model that will strengthen the European education system and allow for the permanent implementation of successful educational models.

This project delivers the following intellectual products:

- "Student´s General Guide: Inclusive Processes in Education" to provide students with a deep understanding of the fundamentals of an inclusive education sensitive to children with disabilities.

- "Theory guide on play: Play as an inclusion facilitator" to introduce students to the benefits of inclusive play and the fundamentals of design, methodology and evaluation of play for all.

- "Practical guide on play: active games and necessary adjustments to favour accessibility" to present accessible games preparing future teachers to eliminate barriers and facilitate the enjoyment of leisure for all children, both in the school yards and in other recreational settings.

- "Guide for leading an educational community: strategies for raising awareness towards inclusion" to present good practice with strategies to empower the entire educational community (students, faculty, parents, governments, associations and other organisations in the area) by creating opportunities for all members to collaborate with the common goal of promoting inclusion in school playgrounds.

- "Guide for teachers: resources and didactics of PINC training" (University of Palermo) to offer teachers of the PINC training a methodology to follow that allows students of Education and Sports Sciences to efficiently acquire competences and to improve their sense of competence in the face of the inclusive challenge.


“Children’s Voices for a new Human Space” (CVS) ( Erasmus+ Project 2018-1-IT02-KA201-048371

Contact person Sonia Ingoglia (

Applicant: University of Palermo (Italy)

It aims at fostering the culture of democracy in primary school, implementing the Council of Europe’s RFCDC in primary education


“P.E.C. Poli Educanti in Condivisione”

Bando “Nuove Generazioni 2017” dell’Impresa Sociale “Con I Bambini” (interamente partecipata da Fondazione CON IL SUD)

Contact person Marianna Alesi (

Applicant: Associazione di promozione sociale “'a Strùmmula” (Palermo, Italy)

The project aims to contrast the educational poverty through the synergistic implementation of education activities for active citizenship and the enhancement of the territory resources, health education activities to promote bio-psycho-physical well-being of the child as well as support for parenting; support activities for the educational and didactic training of the children and young people involved in the project; and finally, through the implementation of skills promotion activities through the use of artistic and expressive languages.

The Unipa Unit will implement interventions for workers in educational and social domains for the acquisition of methods and strategies to support children and adolescents with Learning Disabilities and Special Needs.


“La Cittadella dell’Infanzia” (

Bando Prima Infanzia (0-6 anni) - Con i Bambini Impresa Sociale (project code: COD. 2016 - PR - 00112)

Contact person Concetta Polizzi (

It is aimed at hindering children’s educational poverty, also through the enlargement and strengthening of educational and care services for children aged 0 to 6, and through the support for parental competence


“Giocare per diritto”

Bando Con i Bambini Impresa Sociale, Un passo avanti.

Contact person Antonella D’Amico (

Simulazioni di sportello sulla genitorialità, a partire da aprile-maggio 2022 per gli studenti del corso "Form-Azione e comunità educante".


C.A.S.A. a Ballarò. Comunità Attiva e Scuola Aperta a Ballarò (

Bando Nuove Generazioni 5-14 anni, Impresa Sociale Con I Bambini

Contact person Cristiano Inguglia (

It is aimed at promoting psychological well-being and growth opportunities for children aged 5-14 and living in Ballarò (Palermo, Italy).


PASSepartout. Azioni-chiave di prevenzione e contrasto della dispersione scolastica (

Bando Adolescenza, Impresa Sociale Con I Bambini.

Contact person Cristiano Inguglia (

It is aimed at promoting psychological well-being and fighting scholastic drop-out in adolescents aged 11-17 and living in Palermo.