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ING-IND/12 – Mechanical and Thermal Measurement


Mechanical and Thermal Measurement Group operates within the Department of Engineering of the University of Palermo. In accordance with the declaration of the scientific sector, the Group is interested in scientific and educational-training activities in the field of Mechanical and Thermal Measurements. The cultural domains of the sector bring together all the knowledge and skills necessary for the definition of methods and procedures for measuring and designing, implementing, characterizing, calibrating and testing measurement systems; the object of measurement is any kind of phenomenon and magnitude of interest for industry, man, the environment and the information society.

The fields of competence concern both the object of scientific research, namely measurements and tools, and the main scientific and application fields to which these objects are destined.

The plurality and specificity of studies and applications range from measurements in the area of mechanical and thermal quantities to those aimed at improving quality, human well-being and safety, with the aim of: monitoring, control, diagnostics (mainly in industrial and clinical field), as well as an experimental investigation for the characterization and testing of materials, components and systems.

Among the most significant research topics we can list the design, construction, characterization and use of size sensors and transducers with the management and interpretation of measurement results, sensor networks, measurements in the following fields: mechanical and thermal systems , automation and domotics, transport, environment and cultural heritage, instrumentation for the diagnosis, well-being and safety of man and clinical and biomedical devices.

The research areas currently active are the following:

  • design and characterization of measurement chains and devices for clinical and biomedical applications;
  • numerical and experimental measurements and investigations in the cardiovascular field
  • smart monitoring systems for the well-being of workers within Industry 4.0;
  • application of measurement techniques and experimental research in contact and without contact, for non-destructive testing of manufactured products, components and products (in the industrial and agri-food sectors);
  • measurement methods and stress analysis with piezo resistive and optical fiber transducers (FBG).

List of the main research projects: PON 4-Frialty; PRIN (various calls)

Keywords: measurement methods and devices; wearable measurement systems; monitoring systems for Industry 4.0; clinical and biomedical monitoring devices; cardiovascular monitoring; strain measurements, NDT.