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Scuola di lingua italiana per stranieri

Corsi speciali / Special courses - Summer School


Special advanced course – Literature, Grammar, Textuality, Sociolinguistics of contemporary Italy (morning classes) 


Program 2017

Advanced level

Areas of teaching: advanced grammar, sociolinguistics and literature

Dates: from the 21st of August to the 1st September 2017and from 18th to 29th September 2017

Cost: € 300 (including registration, learning materials, recreational activities)

Description: The course focuses on the structure of the Italian language and textuality in relation to the linguistic variation. Following the guidelines of the most

advanced language teaching methods, the course combines the communicative dimension of language with pragmatics, grammar and syntax. The texts are the

real focus of the course and they are chosen from literary, academic and specialised texts on the basis of a selection that looks at the linguistic functions. Part of

the course aims at enhancing the speaking and writing skills in specialised contexts, through targeted workshops.