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ING-IND/13 - Applied Mechanics


The topics concern the study of mechanical systems and machines. The study is conducted with a unifying systemic approach, using the methods of theoretical, applied and experimental mechanics.Technological and industrial applications are involved. The type of mechanical systems considered is quite general. In particular, theoretical and experimental methods and applications relating to the analysis of mechanical behavior, synthesis, and, in particular, functional design of machines and mechanical systems are developed.The study covers kinematics, statics, dynamics, including vibratory and tribological phenomena. Finally, monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics of mechanical systemsby means of advanced vibrational analysis, as well as experimentation on mechanical systems aimed at mechanics quantities acquisition are sector expertise.

Currently research fields:

  • Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs ’) and Power split CVTs’ and their applications in hybrid vehicles. The research activity is focused on identifying the best layout and the most suitable components to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the powertrain (engines, differentials, gears, couplings, etc.) in compliance with external design constraints. The mathematical models aims to be analytical,modular,user-friendly and with a direct physical meaning.
  • Mechanical Vibrations of thin-walledcylinders: structural elements similar tothin-walled cylinders are widely used in several engineering fields. The main goal of the research is formulating dynamic mathematical modelssimple but sufficiently reliable for engineering purpose. Normally,these problems are addressed by FEM analysis or mathematical models that require complex numerical resolution techniques.
  • History of Mechanism and Machine Science: this topic is focused on the historical developments of Mechanism and Machine Science in its technical aspectrather than the historical one.This research field is developed in the broader context of the activities carried out at the Historical Museum of Motors and Mechanisms of the University of Palermo.

Main research project:

Keywords: CVT, Hybrid Vehicles, Powertrain, Mechanical Vibrations, Historical Machines.