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ING-IND/31 – Electrical Engineering



The Palermo Electrical Engineering Group works in the Department of Engineering of the University of Palermo and promotes research and educational activities in the field of typical industrial engineering themes. In accordance with the sector declaratory, the scientific-disciplinary contents cover the theoretical and experimental aspects of electromagnetic fields and circuits, and their applications to engineering. Areas of interest include the physical foundations of phenomena, the models that represent them, their theoretical, numerical and experimental methods, the development and verification of design and identification procedures. They mainly relate to electromagnetic fields and coupled problems; electromagnetic characterization of materials on nano, micro and macro scale; electromagnetic compatibility; modelling and synthesis of devices and systems of interest to engineering; inverse problems; circuits and algorithms based on artificial intelligence techniques; electrical aspects of energy.

Current research activities:

  • Computational electromagnetics and electromagnetic compatibility for electrical engineering and ICT;
  • Innovative numerical models for medical diagnostic-oriented bio-electromagnetic simulation;
  • Electromagnetic characterization and diagnostics of materials and electrical components in the presence of partial discharges;
  • Evaluation of the phenomenon of accumulation of space charge in insulators and cables for HVDC;
  • Modelling and experimental implementation of power electronics devices;
  • Characterization of energy harvesting systems;
  • PV reconfiguration systems in the presence of mismatching;
  • Modelling and testing of wireless power transfer systems;
  • Predictive studies of the spread of electric vehicles;
  • Modelling, implementation and diagnostics of electrical systems within the “more electrical aircraft” paradigm;
  • Study of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS);
  • Study and implementation of demand-response techniques applied to electric prosumers, within the smart-grid paradigm.

List of cooperated research projects:

  • Prosib:
  • Prin 2017 Advanced power-trains and -systems for full electric aircrafts
  • REACTION project "first and euRopEAn siC eighT Inches pilOt liNe".
  • PESCA project "Pulsed Electro-acoustic Space Charge Apparatus".
  • Convection of research collaboration on analysis of the phenomenon of partial discharges in continuous current (Prysmian Group SpA).
  • Research collaboration convention for joint laboratory measures for testing partial discharge measurement tools (Prysmian Electronics Srl).
  • Research collaboration agreement with Prysmian Group SpA entitled: "electromagnetic modelling and simulation of the propagation of partial discharges into electrical components".
  • P-FISHER Project "Pre-Fault Investigation by Space cHarge Electric Release".

Keywords: computational electromagnetics; electromagnetic compatibility; diagnostics of insulation systems; partial discharges; wireless power transfer; power electronic converters; smart-grid.