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International Students

Incoming Erasmus students Intra EU


Addressed to Erasmus students getting ready to come to Palermo, these pages offer useful advice on dealing with administrative formalities, as well as a brief, step-by-step memorandum on the current enrolment procedure.

The following procedures are valid if your University has an Agreement with Palermo University. 

Students coming from an EU country are considered as Erasmus incoming students, while students coming from an extra-EU country are considered Exchange incoming students.

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Dear Students,

We are sorry to inform you that, due to the restrictive measures about Covid19, the International Relations Office is currently unable to attend incoming students arriving in Palermo.

We invite you to contact us by e-mail at the following address in order to carry out the check-in procedures

The partner University must send an e-mail to our International Office ( informing us about the nomination/s of the Erasmus or Exchange student/s. The e-mail should include all the student's details (name and surname, gender, date of birth and nationality, e-mail address, period of stay, study area).

After the nomination, students will receive an e-mail with the information about the application procedures.

NOMINATION/Application deadlines:

  • 1st Semester: 30th June
  • 2nd semester: 30th November



3rd of October – 23rd of December


7th- 11th November (mid-term)

16th of January – 25th of February


1st of November

– 8th of December-

from the 24th of December to the 8th of January


27th of February – 6th of June


11th-19th of April (mid-term)

7th of June – 18th of July

11th-22nd of September


8th-10th of April-

25th of April-

1st of May-

2nd of June


Once you received an acceptance e-mail from the International Office at Palermo University you will be invited to apply as an erasmus student at Palermo University.

In this page, you can find all the current Erasmus agreements.

If you do not receive any acceptance message, ask your home University to check if you have been nominated.

Guide to enrol as Incoming Erasmus+ intra EU students

Video-Guide to enrol as Incoming Erasmus+ intra EU students (download English version)

Video-Guide to enrol as Incoming Erasmus+ intra EU students (download Spanish version)


Educational Offer - Degree Courses


- 1st Semester: 30th June

- 2 nd Semester: 30th November 

We inform all Erasmus incoming students for the second semester that the starting dates to be put on the arrival certificates can't be before February 21st

Online Application

  • Make sure that your application has been successful. Without receiving our acceptance e-mail, you will be not accepted as an Erasmus student.
  • Before leaving to Palermo, visit the website of the Italian Ministry of Health or contact the Italian Embassy in your own country in order to be informed about Covid-19 measures in Italy and visit the website of Palermo Airport for any entry regulation.
  • If you are a If you are a Medicine or a Nursing student, in addition to the measures foreseen by the Italian Ministry of Health, you have to follow the Regulations containing the safety measures adopted by the "P.  Giaccone" University Hospital.
    BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL, you will be requested to produce the following health documentation:
    - blood tests: CBC (Complete blood count), glucose (fasting), creatinine, Alanine aminotransferase (ALT), Aspartate aminotransferase  (AST), bilirubin (total and fractionated), hepatitis B markers (HBsAg  and anti HBs Ab), antiHCV Ab, anti HIV Ab, performed no earlier than  15 days before the first access date to the "P. Giaccone" University  Hospital;
    - intradermal Mantoux test;
    - Certification of negative result to SARS-CoV-2 nasopharyngeal swab test, carried out no earlier than five days before to the first access to the "P. Giaccone" University Hospital;
    - vaccination record (photocopy) and specific-antibody response;
    This documentation must be sent by e-mail to the AOUP Occupational Medicine Operational Unit for the necessary and consequent authorization.
  • Don't forget to take with you your EHIC, the European Health Insurance Card. In case you are not a EU citizen, a valid Health insurance (which has to be written in English) is required.
  • Make sure that your passport or your identity card is valid.
  • Contact by e-mail your future teacher coordinator at Unipa (whose contact can be found on your learning agreement). Please Inform the International Relations Office about your arrival date and ask for a meeting

Department (Faculty) contacts

Steps to be followed after your arrival and other useful information
At your arrival you have to go to the International Relations Office (Viale delle Scienze, Building n°3, 1st floor, room n°13, from Monday to Friday, from 9.30 o’clock to 12.30 map), handing in:

your passport or other identity document
your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) for medical assistance
Then you will receive your arrival certificate and all useful information

We are sorry to inform you that, due to the restrictive measures about Covid19, the International Relations Office is currently unable to attend incoming students arriving in Palermo. We invite you to contact us by e-mail at the following address in order to carry out the check-in procedures.



Furthermore, If you are a Medicine or a Nursing student, in the phase of first access to the internship you have to:

✔ declare that you have not been in quarantine or home isolation in the last 14 days;
✔ declare that you have not been in contact with positive people, as far as it knows, in the last 14 days;
✔ declare that you have not respiratory symptoms or fever above 37.5 ° C in the current day and in the three previous days;
✔ always wear the FFP2 type mask for the entire stay in the University spaces;
✔ always respect the spacing of at least 1 meter (including movement space) with all staff.

The self-declaration, duly filled in and signed, must be delivered to the Responsible for the internship who will take care to archive and keep it for 14 days in order to record, if necessary, any close contacts.virgolette2

1. Once you have done your check-in at the International Relations Office you are a real UNIPA Student! It means that since this moment you can use all UNIPA facilities;
2. Canteen. Go to the website  and follow the steps.
You can find more details here 
3. Only for Extra-EU Students: Residence permit. If you stay more than three months in Italy you need the “Permesso di Soggiorno”.
If you haven’t already obtained the residence permit, contact the “Welcome office” website
, click on “Accoglienza e Orientamento Stranieri On Site” and fill in the form choosing the date you prefer and writing your data. The office is located in the university campus, Bldg 2, second floor, V.le delle Scienze, Palermo.
4. Go to your school and speak with your Departmental Coordinator.
This is the most important step because your coordinator will provide you with didactic information concerning classes, examinations, credits, etc..
In particular,check with your coordinator your online Learning Agreement, make some changes, if you need, and be sure that your learning agreement is approved online on our portal (portale della didattica) by your teacher coordinator.
5. Contact ITASTRA for your Italian language course: 

6. Accommodation: You can find information on:
7. Facilities. UniPA offers you services and facilities such as Unipa Medical Clinic, University Sport Center, University Language Services, UniPa Museums and Collections, etc.. You can find more details here
ESN (Erasmus Student Network): ESN is a student network that takes care of incoming students and provides them with help for searching accommodation, linguistic tandem, etc.;
8. Psychological counselling. Psychological well-being is an important factor as well as physical wellness. Bearing this in mind, Unipa offers to the students psychological counselling with a psychotherapist. The service is offered in English. To book an appointment you can write an email to
9. At the end of your mobility period don’t forget to complete and collect all the documents you need for your University. Meet your Departmental Coordinator to receive your signed “Transcript of records” with all taken examinations and credits . Then, come personally to the International Relations Office to ask for your certificate of attendance. These documents are very important and you should take the original ones to your home University.
10. For any doubt or problem related to your staying in Palermo, please write to:   Contacts.

 Steps to be followed before leaving Palermo

1. Send an e-mail to your Unipa Tutor/ Coordinator and ask for an appointment informing about the date of your leave.

2. Go to the appointment with your Tutor/ Coordinator at Unipa and collect your signed Transcript of records with all examinations and credits you got.

3. After collecting the signed “Transcript of records”by your Tutor/Coordinator, Then, come in person to the International Office in order to receive your Certificate of Stay. These documents are very important and you should bring the original ones to your home University (please check Office working times).

4. Collect your Transcript of records - a list of the educational activities you attended: exams, laboratories, etc. - at the International Relations Office, that provides to mail it to your address, in case it should not be ready when you leave.