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International Students

Incoming Office

Erasmus+  & Double Degree & Integrated Study Programme

Incoming Students Staff

languages: English, Spanish, Italian


Roberta Sollima

Salvatore Alagna

Office Manager: Vincenzo Fumetta

The offices are located at the building 3, 1st floor, Viale delle Scienze " see map "

Mobility Department/School Student Desk

If you need any assistance for your study program (learning agreement, traineeship etc..): 

Each Department has an International student desk and International Department Delegate Professor

Find your Reference Department and connect to Technical Staff or Professor for getting information needed.

To support international student in practical arrangment issues, you may also connect to Unipa Ambassador

Mobility Department/School Student Desk

General Information for Enrolment

If you need any information for international mobility programmes, collaboration:

Contact the following e-mail address: