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International Students

Incoming Erasmus students Intra EU


Addressed to Erasmus students getting ready to come to Palermo, these pages offer useful advice on dealing with administrative formalities, as well as a brief, step-by-step memorandum on the current enrolment procedure.

The following procedures are valid if your University has an Agreement with Palermo University. 

Students coming from an EU country are considered as Erasmus incoming students, while students coming from an extra-EU country are considered Exchange incoming students.


Dear Students,

We are sorry to inform you that, due to the restrictive measures about Covid19, the International Relations Office is currently unable to attend incoming students arriving in Palermo.

We invite you to contact us by e-mail at the following address in order to carry out the check-in procedures


on 16th July our Rector informed us about the following changes for the activities that will take place during the first part of the academic year 2020/21 and which will be valid from 01/09/2020.

The lessons will be held face to face  and in the online mode at the same time. Classrooms will be used at 40% of their maximum capacity.

Internships, workshops, practical classes/language classes and seminars will be held  face to face.

It will also be allowed to access to libraries and study areas, in compliance with safety standards in order to reduce the risk of close contacts and aggregation.

Generally, the exams will be held  face to face  and it will be possible to take an examination online in case of well founded reasons.




Old News


The partner University must send an e-mail to our International Office ( informing us about the nomination/s of the Erasmus or Exchange student/s. The e-mail should include all the student's details (name and surname, gender, date of birth and nationality, e-mail address, period of stay, study area). Please note students will be contacted personally by e-mail two to three weeks after the nomination deadline with instructions to complete their enrolment and other useful information.

NOMINATION/Application deadlines:

  • 1st Semester: 30 June
  • 2nd semester: 30 November

Application as Incoming Students - Erasmus+ intra EU

Once you received an acceptance e-mail from the International Office at Palermo University you will be invited to enrol as erasmus student at palermo University. Please note that if you do not receive any aceptance e-mail you cannot enroll. If you migh encounter this problem please ask to your home University to verify your nomination.

Guide to enrol as Incoming Erasmus+ intra EU students

Video-Guide to enrol as Incoming Erasmus+ intra EU students (download English version)

Video-Guide to enrol as Incoming Erasmus+ intra EU students (download Spanish version)

Online Enrolment

Before arriving checklist

  • Make sure that your University has informed the Erasmus Office of your arrival at the University of Palermo. Without the nomination you will be not accepted as an Erasmus student and you will not be entitled to request accommodation services

  • Complete your on-line application and submit it to the Erasmus Office by:

- 1st Semester: 30 June

- 2st Semester: 30 November

Application for Erasmus Incoming

  • At the end of the procedure, you will receive a message concerning your enrolment. If you are enrolling for the first time, you will have to create an account by clicking on 'Create an account'. Once the account has been created, you can check your details and make changes if necessary, by inserting your username and password.

  • After the Erasmus Office has verified your details, you will receive a second message confirming your registration. You will also receive information on how to complete the enrolment and accommodation booking procedures

  • Reach an agreement with your faculty about the courses you will take in Palermo. Get in touch with your Erasmus coordinator at the University of Palermo, if you do not find any information about the available courses before leaving for Palermo

  • Ask your University for a certification attesting your Erasmus student and make status

  • Get your EHIC, the European Health Insurance Card for medical assistance, from the Health National Service of your country of residence

  • Get an Accident Insurance Certificate that is valid abroad. You can request it to your University, to a private insurance company or to the University of Palermo. Make sure that the insurance policy also covers injuries occurring during educational activities. Hand in your insurance policy to the Erasmus Office when you arrive at the University of Palermo.

  • Make sure that your passport or you identity card are valid and bring with you 2 passport size photos.

  • Contact by e-mail your Tutor at Unipa by checking in the following list the name and e-mail address. Please Inform about your arrival date and ask for a meeting.

View Department Help Desk

At your arrival

Steps to be followed after your arrival and other useful information

1. At your arrival you have to go to the International Relations Office (Viale delle Scienze, Building n°3, 1st floor, room n°13, from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 o’clock to 12.30), handing in:

  • your passport or other identity document
  • your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) for medical assistance.
  • Then you will receive your arrival certificate and all useful information

We are sorry to inform you that, due to the restrictive measures about Covid19, the International Relations Office is currently unable to attend incoming students arriving in Palermo. We invite you to contact us by e-mail at the following address in order to carry out the check-in procedures.

2. Go to the main Canteen “SANTI ROMANO” for the release of the canteen card with your arrival certificate. The office is located in the University campus, Viale delle Scienze, Building 1, first floor. The office is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning from 09,00 a.m. until 12,30 a.m. and on Wednesday afternoon from 3,00 p.m. until 4,30 p.m..

3. Go to your Department and speak with your Coordinator. This is the most important step because your coordinator will talk to you about educational information: lectures, examinations, credits, etc..Don’t forget to ask him/her to APPROVE your learning agreement on line in order to let you attend the lessons and give the exams. Get information about class timetable available in the website section dedicated to the study area you have chosen or refer to the specific programme website. Check the exam timetable through your personal webpage UNIPA by login with the University credential assigned by the Erasmus office at your arrival.

4. Contact ITASTRA for your Italian language;; Tel: +39 091 23869601Address: Piazza Sant'Antonino n° 1 - 90134 Palermo. Learning the Italian language is very important for your mobility period! Even if you have the requested level we advise you to participate to the language course hold at the beginning of every semester. The Italian language course for the students attending the winter semester and full year will take place in September. The level test will be held on September and classes will start on September.

5. Accomodation: You can find information on: Accomodation Unipa

6. Health Care: in case of need, you can book a specialist examination at the Ambulatorio Medico Universitario:Univerisity Medical Clinic

7. University Sport Center: Cus Palermo

8. ESN (Erasmus Student Network):; The Erasmus Students Association is a student network that takes care of incoming students and can provide them help to find accommodation, language exchange, etc.;

 For any doubt or problem concerning your stay in Palermo, please contact us: Contacts.

Before leaving Palermo

 Steps to be followed before leaving Palermo

1. Send an e-mail to your Unipa Tutor/ Coordinator and ask for an appointment informing about the date of your leave.

2. Go to the appointment with your Tutor/ Coordinator at Unipa and collect your signed Transcript of records with all examinations and credits you got.

3. After collecting the signed “Transcript of records”by your Tutor/Coordinator, Then, come in person to the International Office in order to receive your Certificate of Stay. These documents are very important and you should bring the original ones to your home University (please check Office working times).

4. Collect your Transcript of records - a list of the educational activities you attended: exams, laboratories, etc. - at the International Relations and Agreements Office, that provides to mail it to your address, in case it should not be ready when you leave.