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International Students

Professors and researchers (incoming, visiting)


The University of Palermo welcome professors from other Universities by means of different programmes. Please follow the procedures reported below according to your mobility programs.


This document is addressed to incoming professors selected for didactic mobility under the Erasmus Plus Programme, within Bilateral Erasmus Agreements, signed between their institution and the University of Palermo. 

Such mobility will not be financed by the University of Palermo and it can take place from October and July every academic year (in August and September there is no provision of didactic activities).

How to apply?

The professor granted by her/his home institution has to contact the colleague responsible for the Erasmus Agreement at UNIPA, in order to get the Invitation Letter signed by the Erasmus Dept. Coordinator. This Invitation Letter must include dates, number of hours and topic of teaching activity to be provided, and has to be uploaded while filling in the Application Form.

The International Mobility Office of the University of Palermo, once received the application, will send an official Acceptance letter, by e-mail, to the applicant Professor. This letter will be signed by the Erasmus Institutional Coordinator and, upon his absence, by International Dep Coordinator. Any additional document, required by the sending university, has to be sent after the acceptation by email.

Teaching activities

Once in Palermo, the incoming professor will perform the scheduled teaching activity, coordinated by the referring professor in Palermo. At the end of the teaching period, the referring professor in Palermo will fill in a Teaching Activity Report and will send it to International Office, by e-mail, attaching any supporting documentation and in time to allow International Office to process departure files.

Teaching activities certification

At the end of the mobility, International Office will receive the incoming professor in order to provide the teaching activity certification. Final Certificate will be issued on Italian Erasmus Plus Agency form or on a form provided by the sending institution, and will be signed by the Erasmus Institutional Coordinator or, upon his absence, by International Coordinator.


Foreign professors can visit the departments of the University of Palermo for teaching or research purposes. At the end of their visit they will get a “Visiting certificate” released by the Rector.

In the framework of the University Programme for International Mobility, foreign professors can spend incoming mobility periods at the departments of the University of Palermo, for teaching (VISITING PROFESSOR) and/or research (VISITING RESEARCHER) purposes. The mobility period can have different duration according to the decision of each department.  Each hosting department will be in charge of managing incoming mobilities according to departmental calls established on the basis of their own priorities.