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Centro Orientamento e Tutorato #UniPaOrientaOnline

Help desk for international students

The Service provides information and welcome to foreign students, as well as support for enrolment procedures. It also provides information and updates on Immigration rules and on all the bureaucratic and administrative procedures regarding foreign citizens. 

It addresses to: 

  • Foreign high school students;
  • Family members of foreign students;
  • Foreign PhD students;
  • Undergraduate/graduate foreign students;
  • Asylum seekers and students under international protection;
  • Italian students with foreign qualifications.

Welcome and guidance

Information and Advice about: Educational Offer, University services; useful documentation for the registration and enrolment of foreign students and Italians with a foreign high school diploma; residence permit issue and renewal procedures; pre-enrolment procedures from abroad  for non-EU citizens residing abroad; procedure for the recognition of foreign qualifications, procedure for the release of “ISEE Parificato”; essential services  for foreign students living in the city.

Legal consultancy

This service, addressed to all enrolled foreign students,  consists of: 

Legal advice for the Foreign Service of the Centro Orientamento e Tutorato: in the procedures for the recognition of foreign high school and academic qualifications with regard, in particular, to refugees, international protection holders and asylum seekers; in the pre-enrolment procedures of  non-EU students residing abroad applying for reserved places through the Italian Embassies; in the study and updating of immigration regulations. 

Free extrajudicial legal assistance to students for the completion of all paperwork needed for obtaining the residence permit and for all the various administrative procedures related to the stay, with particular regard to refugees, international protection holders and asylum seekers. Relations (agreements, collaboration) with territorial institutions  (Social Service, Municipality, Police Headquarters, ERSU, etc).

What to do if arriving from abroad

If you are a student/PhD student coming from abroad, you may find below useful information for the administrative procedures necessary for your stay in Italy: