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Workshop of Critical Social Philosophy



The Fourth Conference

of the

European Network on Social Ontology (ENSO IV)


University of Palermo (Italy)

September 24-26, 2015


*** The Conference Book of Abstract is now available here***

Registration is closed. 

The event will be sponsored by the Workshop of Critical Social Philosophy, the Department of Humanities and the PhD course in Philosophical Sciences at the University of Palermo, and the City of Palermo.

Invited Speakers

Hannes Rakoczy (Göttingen)

Vasudevi Reddy (Portsmouth)

Andreas Roepstorff (Aarhus)

Hans Bernhard Schmid (Wien)

Dan Zahavi (Copenhagen)


Symposium on B. Epstein's book The Ant Trap: Rebuilding the Foundations of the Social Sciences
Mattia Gallotti (London) | Natalie Gold (King's College London) | Francesco Guala (Milan) | Brian Epstein (Tufts)


Symposium on R. Tuomela’s book Social Ontology: Collective Intentionality and Group Agents

Frank Hindriks (Groningen) | Björn Petersson (Lund) | Giuseppe Vicari (Palermo) | Raimo Tuomela (Helsinki)


Call for Papers

The conference will address questions about the formation, persistence, change and collapse of social-institutional reality, with the goal to foster dialogue between analytic approaches, philosophical traditions such as phenomenology and critical theory, and empirical research in the social and cognitive sciences. Possible topics include but are not limited to: the nature of collective intentionality, the ontogenesis of the capacity for interaction; team reasoning and distributed cognition; collective decision-making; collective responsibility; political power and social change; the role of language in the construction of social and institutional reality; institutional and social normativity; group membership and group identity; the logical and normative structure of cooperation; institutional and social normativity; the psychological and conceptual mechanisms underlying the emergence of social interaction and collective agency; the nature of duties and rights built into the logical status of institutions.

The European Network on Social Ontology was founded in 2007 with the goal to provide a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas, future research activities at European level and the organization of a biannual international conference. Attendance to the conference allows participants to join the International Network on Social Ontology (ISOS) and learn more about the Journal of Social Ontology (JSO) published by De Gruyter.

Further information can be found at:


We welcome submissions of abstracts through EasyChair ( by June 15th. An extended abstract between 750 and 1000 words suitably prepared for blind reviewing should be submitted. In case of acceptance, a short, i.e. one-paragraph (350-500 words), summary will be required for publication in the conference booklet and on the conference website. 


Deadline for submissions: June 15th

Notification of acceptance: June 30th

Early registration deadline: August 31st