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ING-IND/32 - Electrical Convertors, Machines and Switches

The group of Convertitori, Macchine e Azionamenti Elettrici of Palermo is focused on the analysis, the design, the characterization, the experimental validation and the integration of electrical machines, electrical sensors and actuators, power electronics, electrical drives and electrical/electronic materials for several applications, such as industry, energy production and transmission, electric or hybrid mobility and civil and commercial buildings.

The research activity of this group involves the following issues:

  • Development of innovative methods for the design of windings in electrical machines;
  • Development of innovative methods for the analysis of magnetic circuits in electrical machines;
  • Design, simulation and experimental validation of new real-time control algorithms for power loss minimization of electrical drives;
  • Design, simulation and experimental validation of multilevel converters and control systems;
  • Electrical characterization of new technologies of photovoltaic cells;
  • Design, simulation and experimental validation of wireless power transfer in automotive applications;
  • Development of new procedures for the determination of differential leakage factors in both rotating and linear motors;
  • Development of slightly asymmetrical multiphase windings for electrical machines;
  • Development of new control strategies for electric drives;
  • Development of new algorithms for electrical and mechanical fault detection in electrical drives;
  • Design, simulation and testing of new energy harvesting structures;
  • Development of new battery management systems for automotive applications;
  • Study of predictive models for the diffusion of electric vehicles and charging stations;
  • Design, simulation and testing of innovative power converters for aerospace applications;
  • Development of innovative wind turbines for domestic and industrial applications;
  • Development of new electric machines, power converters and drives for more electric aircrafts.

List of projects: Building EnergY WATCHer – BEYWATCH –, Elaborazione Sistema Eolico a Due Rotori Accoppiati – ESEDRA, Sensor Network Infrastructure For Factors – SNIFF –, Innovation for GreeN Energy and Exchange in Transportation – i-NEXT –, Tecnologie per l'ENERGia e l 'Efficienza energETICa – ENERGETIC –, PROpulsione e Sistemi IBridi per velivoli ad ala fissa e rotante – PROSIB, first and euRopEAn siC eigTh Inches pilOt liNe – REACTION.

Keywords: Power electronics, electrical drives, electric motors, power converters, electrical engineering, sustainable development, renewable electrical Energy, diagnosis on faults occurred in electrical drives.