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Summer School 2015


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Palermo: a town where you can travel, a town where you can study
At the center of the Mediterranean Sea there is an island that has been the meeting point of people, languages and cultures for three thousand years. That island is Sicily.
In Sicily there is a town, Palermo, that, more than any other, has witnessed a long history.
Palermo is the ideal place where you can study and also enjoy your summer thanks to its climate, its geographical position, its history, its artistic and natural treasures and its food.
In addition to a rich artistic heritage (in Palermo you can find the largest historical center of Italy) Palermo offers the opportunity to relax in Mondello beach or among the rocks of Capo Gallo and Sferracavallo.
Palermo is one of the world capitals of street food. The town also has an important gastronomic tradition that reveals its multicultural past and present.
Studying Italian in Palermo is an opportunity to discover art, culture, the most popular beaches and also the food tradition, which is one of the most important in Italy and a model imitated all over the world.

Studying Italian in the Summer School of ItaStra
Intensive courses of the Summer School of Italian Language School for Foreigners of the University of Palermo (ItaStra) are divided into two-week modules (40 hours of lessons per module) and are led by teachers specialized in teaching Italian as a second and foreign language.
Courses run from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 13.00.

This year you plan your own Summer
From this year, the Summer School offers the opportunity to attend optional afternoon workshops thanks to our special teaching programmes “Italian &” (see below).
You can also participate to our evening activities (mostly cultural and gastronomic walks) organized by our tutors, who are Italian students attending the courses of the University of Palermo.


Past editions:

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Summer School 2012
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