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International Students

Migrations, Rights, Intergration

Master Degree

Code: LM-90


Master Degree

Code: LM-6

Electronics Engineering

Master Degree

Code: LM-29


  • Mechatronics, 
  • Modern Electronics, 
  • Telecommunications

Tourism Systems and Hospitality Management

Master Degree

Degree: LM-49

International Relations

Master Degree

Code: LM-52


  • International Studies
  • International Trade

Economic and Financial Sciences

Master Degree

Code: LM-56

Curriculum: Economic and Financial Analysis

Complex Administrations and Organisations Science

Master Degree

Code: LM-63

Curriculum: Public Management

Business Economic Sciences

Master Degree

Code: LM-77

Curriculum: Entrepreneurship and Management



Code: L/SNT1

Management Engineering

Master Degree

Code: LM-31

Cooperation, Development and Migrations

Master Degree

Code: LM-81

Spatial Planning

Master Degree

Code: LM-48 (NEW IN A.Y. 2023/24)

Online Degree Programmes
  • Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering (LM-27 & LM-29)
  • Management Engineering (LM-31)
  • International Relations, Politics and Trade (LM-52)

Transnational German Studies

Master Degree

Code: LM-37