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Online Degree Programmes

Online Degree Programmes


The University of Palermo promotes the enrichment of its conventional Training Offer, integrating it with the establishment and activation of Study Programs delivered mainly or entirely remotely and adopting, for this purpose, remote tools for training services and informative, guaranteeing their usability on the net.

Target audience

The identified courses are aimed at Italian and foreign students who are unable to ensure attendance at lectures or bear the costs inherent in a long stay away from home and Italian and foreign student workers, who, thanks to the usability and flexibility of the course, can access a greater qualification and professional updating.


The platform used to provide online courses is a Learning Management System (LMS) based on Moodle, the de-facto standard for online courses management.


Access to all services is provided through the Unipa Single Sign-On system.
The provision of training services takes place 24 hours a day for all training activities that can be used in asynchronous and synchronous mode (many to many) and in scheduled times and methods for live events (one to many). All didactic activities are coordinated by the lecturer of the course or by the didactic tutor.

The didactic activities take place within four learning environments:

  • The Video Library includes the lessons, ie the video lessons and the relative slides; All the activities carried out within the platform are recorded and processed in periodic reports in order to monitor / evaluate the educational performance of the group.

  • The Media Library includes the didactic materials (Learning Objects) relating to the videolessons (eg handouts, videos, images, diagrams, animations, bibliographic references) which represent in-depth analyzes for each topic of the videolessons and are collected within an Intelligent Bibliographic System;

  • The Virtual Laboratory is the environment available to students for the deepening of their knowledge through the "learning by doing" tool. In this environment, learners find the exercises linked to the video lessons in order to practice during the course. Furthermore, they are assisted in itinere by a Tutoring system, in two distinct ways: individual exercises and collaborative exercises;  

  • The Online Tutoring environment includes all the tools for carrying out remote tutoring activities, and allows you to:

    • access collaborative and cooperative online learning environments allowing interactions with other students;
    • establish a dialogue with your Tutor to guide and support him in his training process.

All the activities carried out within the platform are recorded and processed in periodic reports in order to monitor / evaluate the educational performance of the group.


PLEASE NOTE that all the exams will be taken in person


Enrollment in online courses

To register for online courses, follow the online registration procedure on the student portal 

Enrollment information

Tuition fee and taxes

the tuition fee is made up of four parts:

  1. Stamp duty, as per D.P.R. 26 October 1972, n. 642, paid virtually, Euro 16.00
  2. Regional tax for the right to education, paid according to the amount established by the Sicilian Region. Euro 140.00.

  3. Annual all-inclusive contribution, determined according to the value of the ISEE indicator and differentiated by the areas and courses enabling the profession, according to table A of the regulations for student contributions. regulations for student contribution.
  4. Additional annual contribution for online degree courses, determined according to the value of the ISEE indicator, according to the following table
    ISEE value Amount of the contribution
    <= Euro 25,000.00 Euro 600.00
    > Euro 25,000.00 Euro 1,200.00