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Offerte di lavoro in Olanda


DTT, a development company creating app, web and game solutions is located in The Netherlands in the city centre of Amsterdam, and is looking for international interns.

DTT is specialized in conceptualizing, designing, positioning and developing app, web and game solutions. You will find an overview of projects here. Projects are developed for prestigious clients (as KPMG, ING, FOX, and Porsche). Because of the full-service characteristics of the company, they can offer internships of different expertise.

There are a variety of vacancies available on their website: Former interns share their experience about their time at DTT: The majority of current employees, started their career as interns at DTT.

Positions available for the following disciplines:

  • Software development/engineering
    • iOS (We are particularly interested in iOS interns)
    • Android
    • Web
    • Unity
  • Game development
  • UI/UX design
  • Information management
  • Online Marketing
  • Strategy & New Business
  • Human Resources

Throughout the year, they are looking for talented and motivated interns.