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ICAR03 - Sanitary and Environmental Engineering - Services

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The Sanitary and Environmental Engineering Group of Palermo University (ISA-UNIPA) provides several services on commission, looking in particular to public authorities, consulting engineers and plant managers that operates in the field of water and wastewater treatment, solid waste management, contaminated soils remediation.

The main services are listed below:

  • Specialist consultancy for the design of complex/advanced wastewater treatment plants;
  • Evaluation of the actual purification capacity of wastewater treatment plants;
  • Specialist consultancy for cause identification and remediation of activated sludge disturbances (bulking sludge, foaming, pin-point sludge, bacterial dispersed growth);
  • Specialist consultancy for the drawing up of intervention strategies in the field of Municipal Solid Waste Management;
  • Specialist consultancy and assistance in the management of quality compost production;
  • Measurement of gaseous emissions from wastewater treatment plants, landfills and contaminated soils;
  • Soil sampling activities for the analysis of organic compounds and biological activity;
  • Use of mathematical models for the dynamic simulation of wastewater treatment plants, contaminated soil remediation and landfill for municipal solid waste;
  • Specialist consultancy for the drawing up of intervention strategies for environmental protection.