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icar03 Descrizione

ICAR03- Sanitary and Environmental Engineering - Description


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The Sanitary and Environmental Engineering Group of Palermo University (ISA-UNIPA) operates in the Department of Civil, Environmental, Aerospace, Materials Engineering (DICAM). The ISA-UNIPA Group develops several research topics and provides educational services for more than 40 credits in the field of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering.

In detail, the scientific/academic contents relies on the engineering aspects of ecosystems quality preservation as well as prevention from chemical, physical and biological pollution resulting from human activities. The main researches include studies on the biological cycles, ecological alterations, dispersion and degradation of pollutants into solid, liquid and gaseous phases, ecological-toxicology, environmental impacts and risk assessment.

The research activities are finalized at green industrial technologies; control technologies for gaseous atmospheric pollutants; design, environmental impact assessment, construction, management of treatment plants for wastewater, liquid and solid waste, gaseous emission from civil and industrial sites; treatment of drinking water; reactors and bioreactors; soil remediation technologies; safety, environmental and quality certification systems.