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icar03 Descrizione

ICAR03 - Sanitary and Environmental Engineering - Laboratory




The laboratory of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering (ISA-LAB) comprises:

  • a laboratory for conventional chemical physical and biological analysis;
  • a laboratory for advanced analysis (respirometry, microscopy, fluorescence);
  • pilot station for the treatment of water and wastewater, waste sludge, solid waste, waste biomasses, demonstrative pilot plants installed at Palermo wastewater treatment plant.


The ISA-LAB owns several devices for sampling and monitoring the solid-liquid emissions from treatment plants and software for the dynamic simulation of treatment processes.

The ISA-LAB occupies a total surface equal to 150 m2, divided into two rooms. The first room has air temperature conditioning, for specific analysis that requires particular room conditions; the second one holds the bench scale plants, and a small workshop. The site of ISA-LAB is at ground floor of DICAM, Building 8 (Viale delle Scienze, Ed. 8 - Palermo).


The ISA-LAB, that has been completely renovated in recent years, holds the following equipment:

  • Gas chromatograph Agilent 6890N with sampler for the head space for the analysis of organic compounds in water and waste;
  • Ion chromatograph Dionex DX120 for anion and cation analysis;
  • Bench scale and field mass spectrometers for water quality monitoring;
  • Atomic absorption spectrometer per metals measurements in water and contaminated soils;
  • TOC Analyzers Shimadzu, for the analysis of total organic carbon and total organic nitrogen in waters for human consumption (springs, groundwater), wastewater, etc.;
  • Multi-parameter probes, for the measurement of several parameters (among others: pH, T, O2, Conductivity, ORP);
  • Soil sampler Eijkelkamp, for contaminated soil sampling and storing until the subsequent laboratory analysis;
  • Moisture analyzer Sartorius MA100, for soil analysis;
  • Microscope under phase contrast Leica DM LD100 for microorganisms and flocs observation;
  • Portable methane and CO2 analyzer, for uncontrolled LFG emissions from landfill;
  • For outdoor sampling and monitoring activities, the ISA-LAB is supported by DICAM with a off-road vehicle and a rubber dinghy.

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