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Comparative analysis of shear resisting models for hybrid steel trussed concrete beams


The hybrid steel trussed concrete beams represent a structural solution widely adopted in the industrial constructions thanks to the numerous advantages due to their use, such as economic convenience, high performances and constructional speed de-riving from the partial prefabrication process and from the self load-carrying capacity of the beam in the first operative phase, prior to the in-site casting of concrete. The hybrid steel trussed concrete beams examined in the present study are constituted by two prin-cipal components, i.e. a steel joist with inclined rebars, realized in industry, which is welded to a smooth steel plate and then embed-ded within the concrete material cast in situ. The proposed study concerns the modeling of the shear behavior of these beams provid-ing a synthesis of the most relevant scientific contributions currently available in the technical literature regarding both analytical and numerical models for the prediction of the shear resistance of the beam.