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2021 Hypoxia‐induced non‐coding rnas controlling cell viability in cancer Review essay (rassegna critica) Vai
2021 Preliminary results of citraves™ effects on low density lipoprotein cholesterol and waist circumference in healthy subjects after 12 weeks: A pilot open-label study Articolo in rivista Vai
2021 Rapamycin-loaded polymeric nanoparticles as an advanced formulation for macrophage targeting in atherosclerosis Articolo in rivista Vai
2020 Hypoxia-Induced miR-675-5p Supports β-Catenin Nuclear Localization by Regulating GSK3-β  Activity in Colorectal Cancer Cell Lines Articolo in rivista Vai
2020 Extracellular vesicle microRNAs contribute to the osteogenic inhibition of mesenchymal stem cells in multiple myeloma Articolo in rivista Vai
2020 Development of a Multifunctional Bioerodible Nanocomposite Containing Metronidazole and Curcumin to Apply on L-PRF Clot to Promote Tissue Regeneration in Dentistry Articolo in rivista Vai
2020 Biological Properties of a Citral-Enriched Fraction of Citrus limon Essential Oil Articolo in rivista Vai
2020 A multifuctional nanoplatform for drug targeted delivery based on radiation-engineered nanogels Articolo in rivista Vai
2020 Emerging insights on the biological impact of extracellular vesicle-associated ncRNAs in multiple Myeloma Articolo in rivista Vai
2019 Osteosarcoma cell-derived exosomes affect tumor microenvironment by specific packaging of microRNAs Articolo in rivista Vai
2019 Mir-31-5p is a lipus-mechanosensitive microrna that targets hif-1α signaling and cytoskeletal proteins Articolo in rivista Vai
2019 Exosome-Mediated Signaling in Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition and Tumor Progression Review essay (rassegna critica) Vai
2019 Long non coding RNA H19: A new player in hypoxia-induced multiple myeloma cell dissemination Articolo in rivista Vai
2019 Exosome A Clinical Compendium - Chapter 1: Exosome basic mechanisms Capitolo o Saggio Vai
2019 Mucoadhesive Polymeric Films to Enhance Barbaloin Penetration Into Buccal Mucosa: a Novel Approach to Chemoprevention Articolo in rivista Vai
2019 MiR-33a Controls hMSCS Osteoblast Commitment Modulating the Yap/Taz Expression Through EGFR Signaling Regulation Articolo in rivista Vai
2017 SENP1 activity sustains cancer stem cell in hypoxic HCC Recensione in rivista Vai
2017 Data on the effects of low iron diet on serum lipid profile in HCV transgenic mouse model Articolo in rivista Vai
2017 Hypoxia-inducible factor 1Α may regulate the commitment of mesenchymal stromal cells toward angio-osteogenesis by mirna-675-5P Articolo in rivista Vai
2017 Nanogel-antimiR-31 conjugates affect colon cancer cells behaviour Articolo in rivista Vai
2017 Exosomes: Nanocarriers of Biological Messages Capitolo o Saggio Vai
2017 MiR-675-5p supports hypoxia induced epithelial to mesenchymal transition in colon cancer cells Articolo in rivista Vai
2017 Cancer relevance of signal recognition particle RNA and other non-coding RNAs in extracellular vesicles Articolo in rivista Vai
2016 MiR675-5p Acts on HIF-1α to Sustain Hypoxic Responses: A New Therapeutic Strategy for Glioma. Articolo in rivista Vai
2016 Extracellular Matrix Molecular Remodeling in Human Liver Fibrosis Evolution Articolo in rivista Vai
2015 CD90+ liver cancer cells modulate endothelial cell phenotype through the release of exosomes containing H19 lncRNA. Articolo in rivista Vai
2015 Hepatocyte-targeted fluorescent nanoparticles based on a polyaspartamide for potential theranostic applications Articolo in rivista Vai
2014 SILAC labeling coupled to shotgun proteomics analysis of membrane proteins of liver stem/hepatocyte allows to candidate the inhibition of TGF-beta pathway as causal to differentiation Articolo in rivista Vai
2014 Spike-in SILAC proteomic approach reveals the vitronectin as an early molecular signature of liver fibrosis in hepatitis C infections with hepatic iron overload Articolo in rivista Vai
2013 Evidence for a common progenitor of epithelial and mesenchymal components of the liver Articolo in rivista Vai
2012 Human Haemato-Endothelial Precursors: Cord Blood CD34+ Cells Produce Haemogenic Endothelium Articolo in rivista Vai
2012 An epistatic mini-circuitry between the transcription factors Snail and HNF4α controls liver stem cell and hepatocyte features exhorting opposite regulation on stemness-inhibiting microRNAs Articolo in rivista Vai
2012 The new murine hepatic 3A cell line responds to stress stimuli by activating an efficient Unfolded Protein Response (UPR) Articolo in rivista Vai
2011 The stable repression of mesenchymal program is required for hepatocyte identity: A novel role for hepatocyte nuclear factor 4α Articolo in rivista Vai
2010 Hepatic progenitors for liver disease: current position Articolo in rivista Vai
2009 Convergence of Wnt Signaling on the HNF4α-Driven Transcription in Controlling Liver Zonation Articolo in rivista Vai
2008 Isolation and characterization of a murine resident liver stem cell Articolo in rivista Vai
2008 TGFβ-induced EMT requires focal adhesion kinase (FAK) signaling Articolo in rivista Vai
2005 Expression analysis of jagged genes in zebrafish embryos Articolo in rivista Vai