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International Students

MyUnipa App, Wifi & Services


The University of Palermo offers to all students MyUniPa, an useful App available for free on the main stores.

MyUniPa presents a set of information and services that improve university life. The main novelty concerns the adoption of a push notification service that allows the personalization of the communications sent by the University to students, regarding deadlines, appointments, events and lots of useful items.


The application offers access to the Study Program Guide, guidance services and useful information dedicated to future UniPa students.

Through the log in function, student can access the UniPaCard, which last year replaced the smart card for student identification, consult your academic career and take advantage of the services reserved for students, such as enrolling in lessons, access to library services, booking of exams and reception of teachers, consultation of job offers and traineeships.

MyUniPa also offers access to the University's social networks.

Download MyUnipa App for Google Play (Android)
Download MyUnipa App for Store (iOS)


UNIPA Wireless Connectivity - Eduroam Circuit

The wireless connectivity service activated since 2006 thanks to dedicated funding and projects (see for example WiFi4UNIPA co-financed by the Department for the Digitization of the Public Administration and Technological Innovation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers) provides students and teaching and technical administrative staff of the University of Palermo, wireless connectivity to the university network infrastructure allowing them to enjoy the services and digital resources offered by the University directly from their portable and handheld devices. The service can be used thanks to a network of 450 AP (Access Point) and a VLAN (Virtual LAN) system that embraces over 120 switches and 6 servers (RADIUS, MYSQL and LDAP).

All University students who have an active career/are enrolled can use the service. Consult the guide (in italian) to find out how to activate the service:

Guide for Android

Guide for iPhone

Guide for Leon


email: address


To reduce the use of disposable plastic inside the University, Palermo University offers to all students a service by  "Eco-Totem Smartie Water".

This Environmental Machine allows to separate collection of plastic and aluminum and supply drinking water.

All students can get benefit of Eco-Totem Smartie Water,  getting drinking water by disposing of plastic and aluminum empity bottles.

The Eco-Totem Smartie Water is located at the Unipa Campus, Viale delle Scienze, building 8.


Palermo University offers a free bus service riding in the campus - Viale delle Scienze.

You can ride the bus at down-campus-main-entry (close to the underground station) and move from there to the different buildings of the campus.

The Unipa Bus follows the following service:

From # Monday to # Friday, from the Unipa main entry (close to Metro Palazzo d'Orleans), the line includes the following itinerary (11 stops):
     Building 4 / Agricultural, Food and Forestry Sciences (terminus)
     Building 6 / Chemistry
     Building 8 / Engineering
     Building 9 / Energy
     Building 12 / Humanities
     Building 16
     Building 17
     Building 18
     Building 14 / Architecture
     Educational Center
     Building 6 / Chemistry



The University of Palermo and the Palermo management public transport system (AMAT) have signed an agreement for the development of a sustainable mobility project dedicated to the university community, consisting of students, teachers and technical-administrative staff, which provides reduced rates and the extension of the AmiGO car sharing service and Bike sharing service in the university sites of Palermo and in the decentralized university centers of Agrigento, Caltanissetta and Trapani.

The project that the University of Palermo and AMAT will carry out is aimed at optimizing the viability, connection services and safety of the offices concerned, identifying, at the same time, the intervention priorities and strategic actions for the enhancement of public transport services. , both collective and individual, in order to discourage the use of private means.

The amiGO car sharing service will be extended with the establishment of an additional car park, in addition to the two already existing, on the university campus of Viale delle Scienze and in the decentralized offices of Agrigento, Caltanissetta and Trapani.

The Bike Sharing Palermo service will also be extended with the establishment, in addition to the two already existing, of a further cycle parking in the Campus of Viale delle Scienze, and cycle parking in the offices of via Archirafi, Sant'Antonino, and the former Hotel de France .

Training, research and development activities and all forms of cultural exchange will also be promoted, putting in place initiatives aimed at spreading the knowledge of policies on sustainable mobility, air quality, city life, city life and transport. public.

A specific tariff plan will be activated for the entire university community, which provides 50% discounts for the amiGO car and bike sharing services.

See the website AmigoUnipa

See the website Amigo