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International Students


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Universidade da Coruña

Department of Biological, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies

LM 6: Cell and Molecular Biology


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Universitat de Girona

Department of Law



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Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche

Department of Psychological, Pedagogical, Exercise and Training Sciences

LM 51: Psycology



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Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Department of Architecture - LMU 4 - Architecture and Architectural engineering

Department of Engineering - LM 24 - Construction engineering


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Universidad de Málaga

Department of Economics and statistical Sciences

 LM - 49 - curriculum: Tourism systems and hospitality management

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Universidad de Murcia

Department of Earth and Marine Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology - LM 6: Biology


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Universidad de Salamanca

Department of Cultures and Societies

 LM-15 - Ancient philology, literature and history


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Universidad de Sevilla

Department of Humanities



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Universitat de València

Department of Economics and statistical Sciences

LM 38: Modern Languages and Translation for International Relations