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Strutturale e Geotecnica

Structures and Geotechnical Section


Strutture e geotecnica


The area of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering of DICAM conducts research in the fields of Construction, Infrastructure and Structures, with particular reference to civil engineering structures and buildings.

Three research groups carry out their activities in the area:

  • Structural Mechanics is aimed at theoretical and experimental knowledge on how to solve problems related to the determination of the mechanical behavior of structures, organisms or resistant elements of civil engineering, architecture and other fields of engineering as other applied sciences.
  • Structural analysis and Designis aimed at the design of new structures realized with the use of different materials, such as concrete, steel, masonry, steel-concrete composite structures and it also aims at the reinforcement and seismic retrofitting of existing structures, with both traditional and innovative techniques; the research conducted in this area includes structures of both ordinary and specialist buildings, such as bridges and monumental buildings.
  • The section “Geotechnics, Geology” carries out geotechnical fundamental as well as engineering research on the mechanical behaviour, the geotechnical characterisation and the modelling of soils and rocks, on foundation, earth-retaining structures, slope stability, embankment dams, and tunnels; the geological researches are related to the alteration of lapideous construction materials used for historic and monumental buildings and to the environmental aspects of quarries.

The research groups of Structures and Geotechnics have relationships with Italian and foreign universities where both PhD students and research fellows often undertake periods of study, and with organizations and institutions of the Sicilian territory through conventions of study with application purposes.

Within the areas of the web site dedicated to each one of the three research groups, the details of the main activities can be visualized.


                                                                                          Geotecnica Scienza delle Costruzioni Geotechnics, Geology