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icar07 e geo05 descrizione

Icar07 - Geo05 - Geotechnics - Applied Geology - Description


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Geotechnics studies, on the basis of physico-mathematical methods, the physical and mechanical properties and the mechanical behaviour of soils and rocks, considered in their natural state on site (i.e. ground) or as construction materials.

It includes the pertinent experimental techniques and the fundamental theoretical and empirical methods for investigating the properties and the behaviour of soil and rock masses.

The main objectives of Geotechics are:

  • forecasting the mechanical behaviour of soils and structures interacting with them, consequent to the of application of actions and the execution of works (such as loads, mass and volume forces, open and underground excavations, changes of boundary conditions, ground improvement, stabilization, soil pollution and so on);
  • designing engineering resistant systems having soils as an essential component, with the aim of complying with safety, service and durability requirements of the soil-structure system.

In the academic curricula, geotechnical disciplines include fundamental theoretical and experimental courses as well as courses pertaining to Geotechnical Engineering: Geotechnics, Marine Geotechnics, Geotecnics and Environmental Engineering, Soil Mechanics, Rock Mechanics, Soil and Rock Dynamics, Foundations, Earth Retaining Structures, Tunnels and Underground Construction, Slope Stability, Earth Dams and Embankments, Ground Improvement, Soil and Rock Testing, Ground investigation and monitoring.