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Icar07 - Geo05 - Geotechnics - Applied Geology - Research

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Research projects


The Group of Geotechnics of the DICAM is at present involved in the following researches:

  1. Mechanical behaviour of sands formed of brittle grains (calcareous sands, pumic sands) under 1-D compression up to very high stresses (over 120 MPa) in special oedometer equipped with circumferential strain gages for radial stress measurement.
  2. Grain-size evolution of sands under 1-D compression up to 120 MPa.
  3. Behaviour of some Sicilian large embankment dams founded on tectonized clays and on structurally complex formation.
  4. Bearing capacity of shallow foundation on sands with a soft thin layer. Investigations by means of small scale physical models under 1g and 40g (in centrifuge) conditions, as well as, by numerical modelling.
  5. The geotechnical characters of the subsoil of Palermo city.
  6. Stabilisation of landslide by pore-water pressure reduction.
  7. Laboratory investigation of the dissolution of macrocrystalline gypsum in relation to the velocity of flowing water. Study of the effects of the dissolution processes on the stability of the bank of a reservoir.
  8. Analysis of active and passive thrust on earth retaining walls adjacent to rock faces.
  9. 2D numerical modelling of saturated and unsaturated water flows in natural slopes and embankments; time evolution of saturation degree and pore-water pressure distribution in unsaturated soil slopes during rain infiltration.
  10. Experimental investigation on microstructure and mechanical properties evolution of unsaturated compacted scaly clay under generalised suction and total stress paths.
  11. Lime content and time curing effects on microstructure and retention properties of lime stabilized clay.
  12. Shallow flowslide trigger mechanisms in unsaturated clayey slopes; evolution of movements of slow large landslides.
  13. Innovative investigation methods for zonation of rocks with variable weathering degree.
  14. Properties of typical Sicilian soft rocks in relation to their alteration state and to the oriented structural pattern of the rock masses.
  15. Influence of soft rocks and metastable sands on stability of the clifts of Valley of the Temples in Agrigento

The on going researches of Applied Geology are:

  1. mesostructrual geology with reference to the stability of clay and rock masses;
  2. environmental geology;
  3. applied lithology to architectonic and artistic inheritance.


Research Projects