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icar07 e geo05 descrizione

Icar07 - Geo05 - Geotechnics - Applied Geology - Laboratory

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The geotechnical laboratory of the DICAM can carry out standard and advanced as well as special tests on soils and rocks aimed at their identification and mechanical characterisation.

  • The available experimental equipment consists of:
  • device for determination of index properties, including organic matter content and CaCO3 content;
  • standard direct shear boxes, and large shear box for soil specimen dimension up to 300x300x150mm;
  • Bromhead ring shear apparatus for the determination of the residual shear strength of soils;
  • standard oedometers, a special oedometer which permit the application of vertical stress up to 20 MPa, a controlled suction oedometer;
  • triaxial cells for both saturated and unsaturated soils;
  • an inclinometer probe equipped with a 80m long cable