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icar08 descrizione

Icar08 - Structural Mechanics - Description


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The Group of Mechanics of Solids of DICAM promotes, researches and carries out teaching activities pertinent to the mechanics of solids, materials and structures. The contents relate to the theoretical and experimental knowledge relevant to the solution of problems related to the determination of the mechanical behavior of structures, organisms or resistant elements of civil engineering, architecture and other fields of engineering as other applied sciences. The problems addressed involve aspects related to static, dynamics, stability of equilibrium, fracture mechanics, limit design and experimental mechanics to verify the models. The techniques and methods used are typical of the physical and mathematical modeling, computational mechanics, experimental mechanics, structural identification and diagnosis. Other issues relate to the interaction between the structures and the physical surrounding environment, mechanics of advanced materials and unconventional structures, regardless of the scale of their observation and modeling, the critical study of the historical development of the adopted models and structural perspective on historical artifacts and monuments.