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International students Sing


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Who can apply
To be admitted to the master’s degree in Spatial Planning, international applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent university qualification awarded by an international higher education institution. The admission is subject to an assessment of the prior university career of the candidates. In general, the course admits students with a degree in the field of spatial planning and architecture or engineering or possibly with a pathway that has included at least basic drawing skills and a background even partial in the field of architecture and/or engineering or in the field of sociology or
geography. In any case, the individual background of the graduate applying to enrol on the course will be taken into account and assessed.

How to apply
Application Deadlines and pre-enrolment
To apply for the master’s degree in Spatial Planning, it is necessary to follow the procedures laid down by the University. For the official procedure follow the info at the links:
- For Extra-EU Students:
- For Intra-Extra EU Students:

Admission and language skills

In order to get enrolled in a Master’s Degree Course, you must receive an admission letter from the Course Coordinator. After that you will undergo an online interview on your motivation. You will undergo also a language test through our language centre: the required level is English level B2, but if you do not already have this level, you can compensate by taking some courses at our university.


About Palermo University

Fee payment
University fees are divided into two instalments: the first to be paid at the time of enrolment, the second in December at the end of the first semester. Students can pay online using the PagoPa system, accessible from their personal area of the University website. The tax amounts are calculated on the basis of the ISEE “parificato” for international students with the family residing abroad.
To allow the effective exercise of the right to study, Unipa provides students with various types of financial aids: exemptions and reductions in fees, scholarships, Degree awards, also through ERSU (the regional Agency for the right to study).
The deadlines and payment methods and the rules for exemptions may be found at

Scholarship opportunities
Scholarships are economic contributions, awarded by competition, provided by ERSU Palermo ( to support and facilitate university students in their studies. All international students wishing to enrol in three-year Degree courses, single-cycle Degree courses, 2nd cycle Degree course, unpaid PhD courses can participate in the ERSU Call which is published annually, generally in July, before beginning of the academic year.
Specifically, the winner will obtain:
• a monetary contribution;
• the bed inside the university residences;
• free meals at university canteens.
To be admitted to the competition, students must be in possession of the economic-patrimonial and merit requirements foreseen by the call.
For international students with a family residing abroad, it is necessary to have the ISEE “parificato” which is issued by the authorized CAF (tax assistance office)

Ersu Palermo housing service.
The Regional Agency for the Right to Study, ERSU Palermo, confer accommodations by competition to support and facilitate university students. The Agency offers the possibility to all non-resident students participating in the competition to request, at the same time as they apply for a scholarship, the assignment of a bed at one of the university residences managed by ERSU Palermo.