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Isee parificato

The ISEE (Indicator of the Equivalent Economic Situation) is the tool used in Italy for assessing the family economic situation of those who request subsidized social benefits. The “ISEE università” is the specific indicator used in the field of the right to education (calculation of taxes, exemptions, services for the right to study). Italian and foreign citizens, whose family resides abroad and foreign citizens residing in Italy but not independent from their family cannot obtain the calculation of the university ISEE, therefore they can obtain a reduction in university fees and contributions through the ISEE Parificato

The ISEE parificato for the academic year 2021/2022 is calculated and issued by an authorized CAF (tax advice service), based on the following information: 

  • referred household income from January 2019 to December 2019;
  • balance and average stock of family and personal bank account (31/12/2019);
  • family status 2021;
  • 2021 real estate assets. 

The documents must be translated into Italian and legalized by the competent authorities. The ISEE parificato needs both to pay the academic fees and to apply for the scholarship of ERSU Palermo (Regional Agency for the Right to Study).