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International Students

Enrolment procedures for Intra EU foreign students

Finalization of the enrolment at the University of Palermo

To finalize the enrolment at the University of Palermo, you have to provide to the International Students Office (Viale delle Scienze, Building n. 3, I floor) the following documents at your earliest convenience after you arrive in Italy:

  • The original of your University degree translated into Italian or English and legalized by the Italian embassy in your Country (or, by your embassy in Italy);
  • The Declaration of Value (DoV) issued by the competent Italian consular section. Statement of Comparability from CIMEA or Diploma Supplement can be used as well.
Enrolment Fees

Foreign students pay tuition fees according to their so-called "ISEE parificato". To do that, for the next academic year, they will have to bring here in Italy an "economic document" of their country of origin containing:

- their family income from 01/2020 till 12/2020;

- family bank account till 31/12/2020 and personal bank account in Italy (if they have it) till 31/12/2020;

- family status of 2022 (number of members)

- property papers of 2022. 

Enrolment Support

Should you need any help for any aspect of the enrolment procedure, please contact our Guidance and Tutoring Center (Centro Orientamento e Tutorato – COT Viale delle Scienze, Building n. 2, II floor)

IMPORTANT: Because of the beginning of all the Courses is on the first of October, you are expected to be in Palermo by mid-September of each Academic Year at the latest!


When you arrive in Palermo, you should immediately get in touch with the International Students Office (Viale delle Scienze, Building n. 3, I floor)

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any query or doubt at