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Master Internazionale di I Livello: HFB Hospitality management and Food & Beverage



Our program brings together the sector of Hospitality, Restaurants and Catering (HORECA) with the "Made in Italy" movement's ethics and charm. Students will find Sicily's Food and Beverage and Tourism industry particularly stimulating. This fascinating sector is in continuous transformation and growth, and in need of new multi-lingual professionals with an international preparation.


Organized by the Università degli studi di Palermo, the Florida International University in Miami and the Alta Scuola del Collegio Universitario Arces, the International Master in “Hospitality management and Food and Beverage” aims to form the best managers in the field.


The Master's curriculum includes lessons taught in English, conducted by internationally renowned professors and professionals, integrated with on-the-job paid internships in the most important Italian and international businesses in the field: 700 hours are dedicated to on-the-job training (from June to October), 400 hours to project work, 360 hours to instruction with experts and professionals (April / May and November / December), 10 hours to individual coaching and 30 hours to special-topic seminars.


The same partner-businesses that participate in the internship, chosen from industry leaders, will select the final participants in the International Master's program through motivational interviews.


The lessons will take place in Palermo. Special benefits are available for non-resident students, including the opportunity to be hosted in one of our partner businesses and the possibility to conduct the preliminary interview via Skype.


To participate in the preliminary interviews, fill out the on-line form at the website:


Applications must be submitted to the University of Palermo by March 4th, 2015, by following the instructions presented in the public notice downloadable at the following link:

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