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The Effect of Anodizing Bath Composition on the Electronic Properties of Anodic Ta-Nb Mixed Oxides


Anodic oxides were grown to 50 V on Ta-Nb sputtering deposited alloys, with high Nb content, in acetate ions containing an aqueous solution to study the effect of the anodizing bath composition on anodic layers' dielectric properties. Photoelectrochemical measurements proved the presence of a photocurrent in the band gap of photon energy lower than oxides, due to optical transitions involving localized electronic states as a consequence of acetate ions incorporation. Flat band potential value estimates assessed the insulating nature of the anodic oxides grown in the acetate buffer solution. Differential capacitance measurements showed that the highest capacitance value was measured for the sample grown on Ta-66%Nb. This capacitance value was higher with respect to those estimated for pure Ta and pure Nb anodic layers and with respect to the same alloy anodized in NaOH solution, i.e., acetate-free anodizing bath.