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Procedure for Safety Assessment and BIM Modelling of an Historical Complex Structure through a Macroelement Approach: The Building “Molino-Pastificio Soresi” of Partinico


The structural assessment of existing historical structures is a complex task due to the inner main difficulty in making up reliable models for structural analysis, able to include mechanical and geometrical nonlinearities, existing damage, complex configurations and arrangements of materials. This task becomes more difficult in mixed RC-masonry structures, which structural modelling can be particularly tough due to the different connections and interactions between structural members and materials. This paper presents the case study of a multi-storey mixed Reinforced Concrete (RC)- masonry historical structure, namely the former mill “Molino-Pastificio Soresi” building, located in Partinico (Sicily—Italy). It is shown as it is possible to obtain an accurate and detailed representation of the building, as well as a reliable structural model. The assessment of the seismic vulnerability from the global point of view of the considered case study is carried out through a multidisciplinary approach based on four stages: (1) historic analysis and study of the relevance of the building; (2) geometrical survey and photographic documentation; (3) structural identification and materials; (4) BIM implementation and structural modelling.