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Nonlinear Robust Control of a Quadratic Boost Converter in a Wide Operation Range, Based on Extended Linearization Method

  • Autori: Alonge F.; Busacca A.; Calabretta M.; D'Ippolito F.; Fagiolini A.; Garraffa G.; Messina A.A.; Sferlazza A.; Stivala S.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2022
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
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This paper proposes a control system for a quadratic boost DC/DC converter in a wide range of operations, based on an inner loop with a sliding mode controller, for reaching a desired equilibrium state, and an outer loop with integral-type controller, for assuring robustness against load and input voltage variations and converter parameter uncertainties. The sliding mode controller is designed with the extended linearization method and assures local asymptotic stability, whereas the integral controller is designed using classical frequency methods, and assures input–output stability. It is shown that the proposed controller also deals with the sudden changes in the nominal operating conditions; thus, if a change of the operating conditions takes place, the proposed control scheme automatically creates a sliding regime which stabilizes the converter trajectories to the new equilibrium point. Experimental results carried out on a suitably developed test set up show the effectiveness of the proposed approach.