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Approaches to improve the growth of the starter lactic acid bacterium OM13 during the early stages of green Spanish-style table olive production

  • Autori: Alfonzo, A.; Martorana, A.; Settanni, L.; Matraxia, M.; Corona, O.; Vagnoli, P.; Caruso, T.; Moschetti, G.; Francesca, N.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2018
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista (Articolo in rivista)
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The present research aimed at determining the optimal conditions for the lactic acid fermentation of green Spanish-style table olives. The work is a follow-up, and focuses on the performance of the commercial starter strain Lactobacillus pentosus OM13 by applying an acclimatization step and the addition of nutrients, and concentrations of lactic acid that were previously investigated. The acclimatization of the cells warranted the dominance of the starter culture even at an inoculation level of 2 Log cycles lower than that commonly used in standard fermentation. A significant effect was found in terms of acidification kinetics within the first week of fermentation, with the highest decrease in pH, at ~2.5 units, which occurred in the trial and after inoculation with 106 CFU/mL of starter after acclimatation (EO3) that showed values similar to control C obtained with Lactobacillus pentosus OM13 at a concentration of 107 CFU/mL. After day 3, further decreases in pH of up to 4.30 were observed until day 30, and then these values remained almost constant until the end of process (day 190) when lower pH values were reached for trial EO3 and control C. The results of microbiological dynamics, the changes in VOCs and finally the effect of the processes on the sensory analysis of the fermented product were investigated by multivariate analysis. The acclimatization process and the initial inoculation level influenced the bacterial microflora, aromatic compounds and organoleptic characteristics of the final product. Finally, the trials C, EO2 and EO3 showed higher values (60-80%) of preferences and satisfaction compared to other experimental productions.