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SAS Academic Specialization

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Since the academic year 2018/19, all students who enrol in the Bachelor of Statistica per l'Analisi dei Dati (STAD) will achieve, at the same time as the degree, the basic certification issued by the SAS Institute, as programmers in SAS (Statistical Analysis System). At now, STAD is the only First Level Degree Course in Italy to enjoy the privilege of the SAS Academic Specialization.

The ability to use this software is highly appreciated by companies around the world who want to be competitive in the market. Therefore, the SAS certification gives the graduate an additional added value to the knowledge and skills already appreciated by the labour market.

The agreement with the company SAS provides that the digital badge is issued to all students, enrolled from the academic year 2018/19, who earn the title of Doctor in STAD. In fact, the training offer includes the provision of 39 credits in teachings that are based on the use of SAS software. In particular, the teachings provided are:

  • Statistica Sociale 1 CI
    • modulo 1: Dati Categoriali (6 CFU)
    • modulo 2: Laboratorio SAS (6 CFU)
  • Statistica Economica 2 CI
    • modulo 1: Analisi Statistica del dato Economico (6 CFU)
    • modulo 2: Analisi di Mercato (6 CFU)
  • Statistica Sociale 2 CI
    • modulo 1: Statistica Sociale 2 (9 CFU)
    • modulo 2: Indagini Campionarie e Sondaggi Demoscopici (6 CFU)

See the whole Educational Offer for the STAD Degree Course.

SAS Academic badge and its related skills

The demand for the SAS certificate has exceeded our expectations. We see students from all different parts of campus – biology, political science, psychology and nursing. There’s a wide diversity of majors because what the courses teach is useful in so many fields.

Jennifer Priestley
Assistant Professor of Applied Statistics - Kennesaw State University