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CLOSER TO INDUSTRY: Concept Quality Reply



Concept Quality Reply meets the Management Engineering students.

SAVE the DATE: March 14th 2024 at 18:00 in room O010.

Registration LINK



Concept Quality Reply is the Company of the group that leads product Quality Assurance and implementation of validation solutions. It covers a huge stack of different market and technology areas among the entire Reply service offer.

Our mission is to evaluate the Quality Assurance of products and services ranging from the Finance area to the Telecommunications one, passing from IoT devices to Automotive projects. Concept Quality integrates QA skills in Hardware

and Software with those Test Automation and Digital Customer Experience, across all projects: everything, in one single Company!


On a technical and technological level, our team has an eye toward the future: in fact, Agile and DevOps approaches are increasingly applied within us, combining the classic Quality Assurance methodologies with the most modern techniques for implementing automatic tests with particular attention to scenarios where Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Computer Vision and ADAS are required.


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