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Blockchain for Management Engineering Seminars - 2022 edition



In the age of digitalization are growing new futurist technologies, helping state, company, citizens, customers, and people at large to better communicate and improve their ability to commerce and trade and to adopt their life to the new needs of this complex time in the world.

It has become imperative understanding what blockchain is and its potential to solve a lot of problems linked with a globalized market in the future of the legal community.

The course shall deal with the aspects of blockchain in the technology, global system, law, government and private setups, banks, and focus on smart contract, fintech.  

Online blockchain involves the rendering of information by industrialists and specialists making it easier for the learners to grab the concepts. It also includes several assignments that provide hands-on experience to a student resulting in increased practical knowledge.

Online training in blockchain provides a good understanding of the key concepts such as verification, ledger, consensus, crypto-currency, and secure transactions.         

It also offers good career choices through its new-age technology courses.

The Blockchain for Management Engineering Seminars includes the following meetings:

29.9.2022 - LESSON N. 1
Blockchain presentation, innovation and disruption system

6.10.2022 - LESSON N. 2
How does blockchain work? 

13.10.2022 - LESSON N. 3
Blockchain functions. Which industries can use blockchain?

20.10.2022 - LESSON N. 4
Decentralized ledger technologies, blockchain features 

27.10.2022 - LESSON N. 5
Decentralized consensus - part. 1 

3.11.2022 LESSON N. 6
Decentralized consensus - part. 2 

17.11.2022 - LESSON N. 7
Smart contracts as a new option in transaction 

24.11.2022 - LESSON N. 8
TCE theory 

1.12.2022 - LESSON N. 9
Smart contract’s elements of definition

15.12.2022 - LESSON N. 10
DeFi opportunities to create a truly open, transparent, and immutable financial infrastructure and risks involved.
The nature of FinTech and its influences – slides

Evaluation student’s

Click HERE to download the detailed program of the seminars and the info about the instructor.
The seminars will be delivered remotely in English, in a designated Teams room. (Teams room link)

Number of ECTS: 3

PLEASE NOTE: The seminar is open to both Management Engineering Master Degree Students and Management Engineering Bachelor Students. To get the 3 ECTS students have to attend at least 8 out of 10 lessons and pass the evaluation test (that will take place during the last lesson: Lesson N.11).