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Hydraulic and Environment Section


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The Hydraulic and Environmental section of DICAM runs several emblematic research facilities, such as the large-scale wave flume, which measures 40 meters in length, 2 in width and 1.90 in depth.

It also runs a laboratory of small-scale models for river engineering and hydraulic works that covers an area of 2,500 square meters, and the Environmental Engineering Laboratory, specialised in studies concerning purification and recycling of waste water.

It also has three accredited research groups: Hydraulic, devoted to hydraulics, fluvial dynamics, maritime engineering and sediment transport studies; Hydrology and Hydraulic Structures, dedicated to hydrology studies (also by means GIS and Remote Sensing techniques), urban water systems, urban drainage, flood mitigation and control studies; and ISA-UNIPA, specialised in sanitary and environmental engineering. By clicking on the name of each research group below it is possible to explore the contents.


                                                                                          hydraulics hydraulic structures Environmental and Sanitary engineering


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