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Dottorato di ricerca in Ingegneria Elettrica

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering



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The activities planned for the PhD studies in Electrical Engineering are part of research programs of primary interest because they are related to studies and experimentation in the field of advanced industrial production and applications of electricity, materials, components, systems, for the development of knowledge and the supply of qualified consulting and training services for industrial and public bodies at national, regional and local levels. These services are realized both through the transfer of knowledge and research results to the same bodies, as well a through testing and measurement activities with the tasks of testing and certification of compliance to technical standards for equipment, machinery and electrical installations, either by carrying out specific studies relevant to the definition of legislation in the field.


The PhD research subjects are the following:

Partial discharge in materials and components for electrical power systems - Dielectric Spectroscopy of nanostructured composite materials

Automation of electrical systems for power quality improvement in distribution networks and energy efficiency

Development through simulations and subsequent implementation of innovative microprocessor control of electrical drives

Development of electrical problems with the integration of distributed generation, according to the SmartGrid model

Characterization of electrical drives in relation to electromagnetic compatibility problems

Models and advanced numerical methods for the analysis of electromagnetic systems in industrial environments, with special reference to electromagnetic compatibility

Development of innovative instrumentation for the measurement of quantities characterizing the power quality of electrical power

Innovative solutions for electrical machines aiming at improved performance and new types of electric machines


and they are well included into the research projects carried on at the D.I.E.E.T. (Dept. of Electrical, Electronics and telecommunications Engineering), of the University of Palermo.

The experience gained in the last years of the PhD has shown how the inclusion of graduate students in research activities of the Department has been very useful for their training as well as for research projects.