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Interviews for the aa 2023 - 24



The first interviews for extra-EU students were held on 26 July and 10 August 2023.

Extra-EU students who have not attended the interviews in July and August can attend the interviews in September, October and November. Students who will show up later are aware of the slow times with which embassies issue visas.

The next interviews will be on 5 September at 9:00 Italian time. Interviews will be held online on the teams platform. The address for the connection will be sent to interested parties by email.

To be admitted to the Master's degree in Neuroscience, you must pass the interview for the verification of the criteria and basic knowledge and provide an English Certification at least equal to B2. 

To enroll, you have to submit an enrollment application on Student Portal. Please follow the instructions in the Tutorial

Only the students who has submitted their enrolment application will be interviewed and will have the possibility to be admitted.