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Active Years: I,II
Family of degree: LM-6


LM language proficiency testing calendar


In order to ascertain linguistic skills before accessing a master's degree course, students will be able to take an English language test which will be carried out in the presence of the Sant'Antonino Complex (headquarters of the University Linguistic Center - CLA).

All students must have wired headphones with a 3.5 mm jack.

Trials calendar:

Thursday 7 September at 15.30
Thursday 5 October at 9.00
Tuesday 7 November at 9.00


Students of International Study Programs will be able to take the test online, without any reservations, we will communicate the date, according to the procedures they will receive by e-mail.

Download the test guide.

Academic year 2023-2024


The first interviews for extra-EU students were held on 26 July and 10 August 2023.

Extra-EU students who have not attended the interviews in July and August can attend the interviews in September, October and November. Students who will show up later are aware of the slow times with which embassies issue visas.

The next interviews will be on 5 September at 9:00 Italian time. Interviews will be held online on the teams platform. The address for the connection will be sent to interested parties by email.

To be admitted to the Master's degree in Neuroscience, you must pass the interview for the verification of the criteria and basic knowledge and provide an English Certification at least equal to B2. 

To enroll, you have to submit an enrollment application on Student Portal. Please follow the instructions in the Tutorial

Only the students who has submitted their enrolment application will be interviewed and will have the possibility to be admitted.

Graduation Day 20 July 2023


Today 20 July at 9.30 in the historic Aula Nesci of the Anatomy and Histology plexus of the Department of Biomedicine, Neuroscience and advanced diagnostics, the thesis discussion of one of the first graduating students of the new master's degree course entirely in English called "Neuoscience". The course is part of the LM-6 Biology category, and therefore gives access to the Order of Biologists, but many doctors request it to complete their preparation and be interested in basic scientific research as well as in the department.

The students of the course are both Italian and foreign, among the foreigners there are biologists and doctors from different parts of the world, from the United States to Germany, from Ethiopia to Russia, from Iran to Ireland.
The thesis of the student Martina Bavetta presents experiments conducted at the University of Resovia in Poland, during an Erasmus study period lasting one academic year. Prof. Tabrkiewicz spoke in attendance, coming from Poland to attend the graduation exam. This opportunity will allow the University of Palermo to start the feasibility study to ask for the double degree.

The Coordinator Prof. Valentina Di Felice

First Graduation in Neuroscience


About three years ago, Professor Valentina di Felice, who is the chairperson of this course, together with myself and many other professors who are now here, have started meeting and brainstorming about a novel international master's degree program in neuroscience. This MS has been structured to provide the scientific basis for a hybrid neuroscientist. A neuroscientist with a solid neurobiological foundation but ready to challenge him/herself with neuroprosthetics, neuropharmacology and neurobiotechnology. Today we were very honored to award our first student, Dr. Talya Saleem, with  the Master degree in Neuroscience. She discussed a thesis on the intriguing topic of human brain behavior within immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. 


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