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TracciarisorseOpen is a discipline index, equipped with its own internal search engine, built around the information needs of academic users. TracciarisorseOpen helps you take the most convenient path for your search!

Choose a discipline, add, if you want, a specific type of resource (dictionary, database, etc.) and explore your customized search path to retrieve reliable and quality open access information on the web.

This service is managed by the Monitoring, analysis and development of library services and digital reference office, with the collaboration of UNIPA librarians.

To date, there are about 1,000 indexed resources

TracciarisorseOpen Short Guide

It is a directory by subject, equipped with an internal search engine, aimed at meeting the information and cognitive needs of academic users.

TracciarisorseOpen has as its priority objective to index digital open access, quality, and accredited resources, belonging to the most varied university disciplines.

The user-friendly interface of TracciarisorseOpen allows not only to select the disciplinary scope but at the same time also the type of resource object of interest (database, EJournals, Ebooks, dictionary etc.) thus allowing the user to identify targeted and personalized search paths aimed at finding trusted resources on the network.

The service is aimed at students, but it is also a valid research tool for teachers, researchers, librarians, the university's technical and administrative staff, and for anyone who wants to carry out research on the net.


TracciarisorseOpen for students: it is a valid tool to find material for the drafting of papers and thesis. The disciplines indexed in TracciarisorseOpen in fact follow the university's educational offer and reflect its complex and consolidated scientific articulation.


TracciarisorseOpen for teachers and researchers: The tool facilitates scientific research by indexing accredited and quality free open access resources.

Resources for measuring and evaluating scientific productivity, resources for patent research and teaching materials for students have also been included.

TracciarisorseOpen for librarians: Provides valuable support for disciplinary reference activity and user orientation.


TracciarisorseOpen for technical and administrative staff: it is a valuable aid for office work. It is in fact possible to find legal sources of quality with free access: regulations, journals, jurisprudence, press agencies, etc.


What's inside TracciarisorseOpen?

Within TracciarisorseOpen it is possible to find indexed digital resources with free access currently selected and carefully evaluated by the Monitoring, analysis and development office of library services and digital reference with the collaboration of University’s librarians.

In selecting resources, priority was given to general disciplinary research tools particularly suitable for academic users: editorial platforms, databases, repositories, digital libraries, online catalogues, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, search engines, portals, sites, social networks, etc.

Thanks to the provision of quality open access scientific resources, TracciarisorseOpen contributes to the promotion of Open Access within the University of Palermo, which in 2004 expressed its support for the international Open Access movement by signing the Messina Declaration in support of open access to scientific literature.


Who's behind TracciarisorseOpen:

TracciarisorseOpen is a project currently coordinated by the Monitoring, analysis and development office of library services and digital reference that inherited it in 2017 from the Digital Library office that had designed the tool and put it into production in 2014 with the aim of promoting the use of electronic resources, both those of the University and open access on the network, to academic users with particular attention to the information needs of students.


Ongoing and future activities

The current presence of the Discovery Tool Service in which all the digital reserved access resources, purchased centrally by the University are indexed, together with open access resources, has led us to make a different choice in relation to the contents to be inserted: we are in fact proceeding gradually to the exclusive insertion of open access resources with characteristics and with paths dedicated to specific categories of users, updated in relation to the current study courses.



Grow TracciarisorseOpen

If you know a quality and accredited Open Access resource you can report it by sending the title of the resource, the web address to reach it and a short description.

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National Centers for Environmental Information

The National Centers for Environmental Information site of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration provides free access to one of the most significant archives of earth's environmental data. The site is divided into sections on climate, coasts, oceans and geophysics, within which you can access data, images, publications and free online tools for the different disciplines.

Nature Network

Realizzato nel 2007 per iniziativa del gruppo editoriale Nature, è un social network per scienziati di tutto il mondo.  Nature Network offre un'ampia piattaforma che ospita, oltre ai blog,  numerosi forum e gruppi di discussione (sia su base tematica, ad esempio chimica, sia su base geografica, ad esempio Italia), e soprattutto "hub" locali (gruppi di blogger afferenti ad una stessa comunità scientifica locale, che risiedono quindi nelle vicinanze, ed hanno la possibilità di trasformare la comunità virtuale in reale).  

Nestor bibliography of Aegean and related areas

International bibliography of Aegean studies, Homeric society, Indo-European linguistics and related topics. The directory is monthly and is distinguished between periodical publications and monographs. It also brings links to excavation areas and a specialized OA website

NSDL- National Science Digital Library

The National Science Digital Library, founded in 2000 by the National Science Foundation, is a repository of resources and tools for learning and teaching STEM disciplines, broken down by the type and age of the students to whom they are addressed.
The site aggregates and makes accessible educational and educational resources from different digital libraries and collections.
The resources contained include videos, animations, software, games, simulations, activities, comprehensive courses, learning and learning strategies, examples of tasks, evaluations, etc. They are grouped by subject area and by school/educational level.

[More information]


Digital Library of Mathematics in which it is possible to return the full text of mathematical research documents: articles of periodicals, seminars and conferences, books and monographs, doctoral theses. The library consistently purchases up-to-date documents to keep the archive alive and present. The complete texts are freely downloadable with a moving wall that varies from 0 to 10 years.