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Tracciarisorse is an index of electronic resources arranged by subject, and powered with an internal search engine. It has been designed to meet the information needs of academic users. Tracciarisorse will help you to take the best way for your searches! 

Select your chosen discipline, as well as the type of resource (dictionary, database, etc.) if you like, and explore your customized search pathway to be able to retrieve reliable information on the Internet and within the University Digital Library collections. 

To date, Tracciarisorse includes about 1,000 digital resources (Last updated: 2017, January). 


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AAT - The Art & Architecture Thesaurus

A structured vocabulary featuring terms, data and descriptions regarding architecture and history of art, compiled by the Getty Foundation. It contains bibliographical references about a great number of authors/artists from all countries and centuries.

Free dictionary and search engine for abbreviations, acronyms and initializations.The catalogue spreads from Medicine to Finance, from Science to Computing and Politics and can be searched by keyword or by subject list.

Abbreviazioni di periodici

A selection of on-line reference tools that could help both librarians and researchers to find the titles of online journals through abbreviations.

ABC Chemistry: free full-text journals in Chemistry. Part A

Collection of free access online journals in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceutics, science, technology. Section "B" lists journals freely accessible over a trial or temporary period.

An academic social network aiming to facilitate global exchange among scholars in all research fields and from different Departments and Universities. Each scholar that signs up to the network will be able to publish his/her own academic profile, upload and share research papers, find colleagues who work through similar projects. See the University of Palermo on For more information on

Academic info

Multi-discipline directory offering access to over 25,000 open access learning resources useful for university students, that can be searched through subject guides. It allows to retrieve online information on degree courses and masters through a database search by discipline and curriculum type. It gives access to several free video tutorials in many disciplines.

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Search engine for abbreviations, acronyms and initializations with over 3,000,000 definitions.


Search engine for abbreviations, acronyms and initializations with over 1.000.000 human edited, and overall 5.000, 000 definitions.

Adnkronos - Archivio

The Italian news-agency Adnkronos gives its readers free access to its online archive, which spans from January, 1991 to September, 2014. News are categorized according to date, keyword and subject.

ADPSS - Sociodata Archivio Dati per le Scienze Sociali

Database created by the University of Milano-Bicocca with the aim to facilitate the exchange, the analysis and the sharing of datas regarding social studies.

AgEcon Search: Research in Agricultural and Applied Economics

Database created by the University of Minnesota, centered around Agricultural and Applied Economics.

Agenzia italiana del farmaco (AIFA)

Website of the Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco, an organization run by the Italian Ministry of Public Health in cooperation with Regions and medical Associations. Here the user can find documents and information about health issues and the correct use of pharmaceutical products.

Agenzie di stampa

A list of over 50 online news agency websites from all over the world.

AGRICOLA (AGRICultural OnLine Access)

Bibliographic database developed by the National Agricultural Library and centered on agriculture and all its related disciplines (such as botanics, zoology, forestry, etc.). It features millions of bibliographic citations taken from journals, monographs, theses, software and audiovisual material owned by the National Agricultural Library. It also offers a list of indexed journals and the English and Spanish versions of the NAL thesaurus used for indexing of materials in the database.


Database created by the FAO, containing over 7,000,000 bibliographic records taken from journals, dissertations, grey literature, technical reports, and data with regard to agriculture and technology.

AIB: Acronimi

List of acronyms used in the field of Library and Information Science (LIS).

AIDIC Associazione Italiana di Ingegneria Chimica

Official website of the AIDIC, where the user can find information on the Association itself, events, news and links to the major websites of scientific societies in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Engineering fields. 

AI on the Web

A resource devoted to Artificial Intelligence (AI), comprising data on different facets of the subject: intelligent agents, logic and knowledge representation, robotics, etc.

AI Topics

Website where the AAAI (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence) offers information on available dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, journals, and other resources relevant to Artificial Intelligence.

Album interactif de paléographie médiévale

A collection of interactive exercises on Middle Age Paleography. These exercises focus on transcriptions of Middle Age manuscripts.

All About Plagiarism - Tutorial

A tutorial on plagiarism in publishing, developed by the Library Service in the Universiy of Texas, Austin. It explains correct techniques for the citation of sources, and methods that can be used to avoid plagiarism.

All Academic Research

A search engine specifically devoted to the retrieval of scientific literature, including pre-prints of conference papers.

Find other multi-discipline scientific search engines in our Digital Library website

A directory that showcases conventions, conferences, seminars, exibits and expos on any disciplinary subject, that are taking place all over the world. 


Italian web portal specialized in juridical information. It gives users the opportunity to read many full-text documents and is updated daily.

Web portal specialized in administrative law. It allows users to keep in touch with documentation regarding administrative law.

AMS Historica

Digital collection of early and rare literary works (books, journals, maps, engravings, drawings) of great scientific, cultural and historical value, held in Libraries and Archives of the University of Bologna.

Anica Archivio

Database devoted to cinema, run by ANICA (Associazione Nazionale Industrie Cinematografiche Audiovisive e Multimediali).

Annali Online UniFe

Online Annals of the University of Ferrara (open access). They include the online directory of learning and curricula, some discipline-based (Physics, Earth Sciences, Humanities, Nature and Science Museology, IUSS publications, and the online journal "I castelli di Yale".

Annuario statistico italiano

Full text and tables of the Italian Statistical Yearbook (in electronic sheet format .xls).

Website of the most important Italian news agency, with news from all over the world updated in real time.

Antenati - Archives for Genalogy research

The Portale Antenati - promoted and developed by the Direzione Generale per gli Archivi - aims to facilitate access to the enormous documentary heritage existing in the State Archives useful for Genealogy research devoted to reconstruct family trees and people's history, and for social history in a broader perspective. Through the portal, it is possible to browse millions of images of civil registers, find names of people mentioned in the acts, get information on the sources.

Anthropological Index Online

Database with indexed journal articles, developed by the Royal Anthropological Institute Library. The Library contains around 4,000 journal titles, covering all branches and areas of Anthropology.

Archimagazine: Biografie

Section of the online journal Archimagazine that offers users with free access to hundreds of biographies of architects, designers and artists who lived in the last two centuries. 

Archinform : International Architecture Database

Database devoted to international contemporary architecture. It contains information on over 55,000 (both realized and non-realized) projects by many architects from all over the world.

Architectural Index

Index of scientific journal articles on Architecture and Design (coverage: since 1982), and free access to references from 1982 to 1988.

Archive of European Integration

A digital repository of research materials on issues of European integration and unification. It collects both documents produced by private bodies and agencies, and official documents by the European Union.

Archivi istituzionali di tesi di dottorato

Directory of Institutional repositories for Doctoral theses which includes the Italian Universities signing the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities (2003) and complying with the CRUI guidelines "Linee guida per il deposito delle tesi di dottorato negli archivi aperti".

Archivio BIGA: Bibliografia giuridica dell'ambiente

Retrospective bibliography (from 1975 to 1995) on Environment Law. The catalogue, created by the ITTIG (Istituto di Teorie e Tecniche dell'Informazione giuridica), features articles and volumes published in Italy.

Archivio DoGiS - Dottrina Giuridica Straniera

A database containing bibliographical references to foreign journals on human rights, europen law, information and communication technologies and law, run by ITTIG (Istituto di Teorie e Tecniche dell'Informazione giuridica).

ARCHIVI - portale dell'Amministrazione archivistica italiana

Online portal of the Direzione Generale per gli Archivi, the Office of the Italian Ministry of Culture (MIBAC), which is in charge of the governance and technical administration of Italian Archives. It gives access to a large number of information resources on Italian Archives, orientation on the different Archive bodies (State Archives, Superintendences, etc.), and search facilities on the documents kept in Italian Archives (through the SIAS and SIUSA databases), and also Archive government rules, online tools for research, and electronic publications by the Archive bodies, that can be freely downloaded.

Archivistica: AIB-WEB

Directory of links and bibliographical sources that redirect the user to a number of different Italian international online databases on Archives.


A database centered mainly on the history of painting and sculpture. Their index features over 9,000 artists, 2,900 websites, 160,000 links to digital art objects.


A session of the Artedossier journal hosting a database focusing on the great artists of the past, their lives and icons of ther masterpieces


A repository of open access scholarly papers (around 800,000) in Physics, Mathematics, Computer science, Quantitative biology, Quantitative finance and Statistics, managed by the Cornell University Library; the documentation covered ranges from 1992 until now.

ASCE CEDB (Civil Engineering Database)

A database with over 170,000 bibliographic records, journals, and manuals published by the American Society of Civil Engineering. The database contains the abstracts of every pubblication from 1970 on, and short bibliographic records or articles published from 1956 to 1969. 

ASEE Conference Proceedings

Collection of papers taken from conference meetings of the American Society of Engineering Education. The user can search either by name or title or author and year of the Conference.

ASit: Servizio Sociale su Internet

Italian website for professionals engaged in social services.


Portal offering information and electronic resources (articles, bibliography, definitions) on the main issues concerned with social assistance. It also includes a blog and a forum.  

Associazione Italiana dei Paleografi e Diplomatisti (AIPD)

Association that promotes research, debates and the flow of ideas in the field of paleography, codicology and diplomatics.

Astronomia in rete e altri link / INAF

Directory of web resources regarding astronomy, run by the Astronomical Observatory "Giuseppe S. Vaiana" in Palermo.

Atlante. Revue d'études romanes

Bi-annual publication run by the Centre d'études en Civilisations Langues et Littératures étrangères (CECILLE). Every issue consists of a monographical dossier (either in French, English, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese) focused on the historical relations and exchanges between Western Europe and Latin America.

Atlante dell'arte italiana

Catalogue of images of works of art spreading from prehistoric to contemporary times, run by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. Its aim is to facilitate research and study of the Italian cultural heritage.

Atlante di Botanica

Atlas centered on botanics, run by the University of Turin. Its aim is to foster research and studies on plants, from their cells to the organisms.

Atlante storico: Cronologia generale

This website features an Index of dates referring to the most important historical events. Separated indexes are given for the different world geographic areas.

Au.G.U.sto (Automazione Gazzetta Ufficiale Storica)

Through this website the user can get free access to the whole catalogue of the "Gazzetta Ufficiale del Regno" and the "Gazzetta Ufficiale del Regno d’Italia" from 1860 to 1946.

Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato

Website offering free access to the archives of the official documentation published by the AGCM from 1992 on.