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TracciarisorseOpen is a discipline index, equipped with its own internal search engine, built around the information needs of academic users. TracciarisorseOpen helps you take the most convenient path for your search!

Choose a discipline, add, if you want, a specific type of resource (dictionary, database, etc.) and explore your customized search path to retrieve reliable and quality open access information on the web.

This service is managed by the Monitoring, analysis and development of library services and digital reference office, with the collaboration of UNIPA librarians.

To date, there are about 1,000 indexed resources

TracciarisorseOpen Short Guide

It is a directory by subject, equipped with an internal search engine, aimed at meeting the information and cognitive needs of academic users.

TracciarisorseOpen has as its priority objective to index digital open access, quality, and accredited resources, belonging to the most varied university disciplines.

The user-friendly interface of TracciarisorseOpen allows not only to select the disciplinary scope but at the same time also the type of resource object of interest (database, EJournals, Ebooks, dictionary etc.) thus allowing the user to identify targeted and personalized search paths aimed at finding trusted resources on the network.

The service is aimed at students, but it is also a valid research tool for teachers, researchers, librarians, the university's technical and administrative staff, and for anyone who wants to carry out research on the net.


TracciarisorseOpen for students: it is a valid tool to find material for the drafting of papers and thesis. The disciplines indexed in TracciarisorseOpen in fact follow the university's educational offer and reflect its complex and consolidated scientific articulation.


TracciarisorseOpen for teachers and researchers: The tool facilitates scientific research by indexing accredited and quality free open access resources.

Resources for measuring and evaluating scientific productivity, resources for patent research and teaching materials for students have also been included.

TracciarisorseOpen for librarians: Provides valuable support for disciplinary reference activity and user orientation.


TracciarisorseOpen for technical and administrative staff: it is a valuable aid for office work. It is in fact possible to find legal sources of quality with free access: regulations, journals, jurisprudence, press agencies, etc.


What's inside TracciarisorseOpen?

Within TracciarisorseOpen it is possible to find indexed digital resources with free access currently selected and carefully evaluated by the Monitoring, analysis and development office of library services and digital reference with the collaboration of University’s librarians.

In selecting resources, priority was given to general disciplinary research tools particularly suitable for academic users: editorial platforms, databases, repositories, digital libraries, online catalogues, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, search engines, portals, sites, social networks, etc.

Thanks to the provision of quality open access scientific resources, TracciarisorseOpen contributes to the promotion of Open Access within the University of Palermo, which in 2004 expressed its support for the international Open Access movement by signing the Messina Declaration in support of open access to scientific literature.


Who's behind TracciarisorseOpen:

TracciarisorseOpen is a project currently coordinated by the Monitoring, analysis and development office of library services and digital reference that inherited it in 2017 from the Digital Library office that had designed the tool and put it into production in 2014 with the aim of promoting the use of electronic resources, both those of the University and open access on the network, to academic users with particular attention to the information needs of students.


Ongoing and future activities

The current presence of the Discovery Tool Service in which all the digital reserved access resources, purchased centrally by the University are indexed, together with open access resources, has led us to make a different choice in relation to the contents to be inserted: we are in fact proceeding gradually to the exclusive insertion of open access resources with characteristics and with paths dedicated to specific categories of users, updated in relation to the current study courses.



Grow TracciarisorseOpen

If you know a quality and accredited Open Access resource you can report it by sending the title of the resource, the web address to reach it and a short description.

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B.I.B.P. - Base d'Information Bibliographique en Patristique

Bibliographical database run by the Laval University, Faculté de théologie et de sciences religieuses, that enables user to read full-text articles on Patristics Literature and the History of Christianity. [Website in French]

Banca d'Italia - Base dati statistiche (BDS)

A database published by the National Bank of Italy, which provides users with economic indicators and data.

Banca d'Italia - Working Papers

A collection of working papers ("Temi di discussione") published by the National Bank of Italy. The aim is to make a contribution to academic debate, and to help further these studies.

Banca dati alimenti

A database that can help the user to find information on nutritional values and calories of food.

Bank for International Settlements: Statistics

A directory of statistics, run by the Bank for International Settlements, which represents a unique source of information about the global financial system. It includes data on banking, financial market, money exchange rates, foreign debts and payments.


Online encyclopedia, developed by ASSONEBB with the participation of the National Bank of Italy, in the fields of Banking, Stock Exchange and Finance in general

BASE - Bielefeld Academic Search Engine

One of the richest multidisciplinary search engines for academic and scientific resources.

Find other multi-discipline scientific search engines in our Digital Library website

BEIC - Biblioteca europea di informazione e cultura

A free, digital collection of works of great importance and scientific interest, spanning from Sciences to Arts and Humanities. It includes more than 2,000 digital outputs from early printed books.


Database of peer-reviewed open access periodicals covering the main disciplines of science, medicine, technology and social sciences

BHA: Bibliography of the History of Art

The richest bibliographical database with a focus on Art History, run by the Getty Foundation since 2010, freely accessible to all users. The database features a wide range of resources, from abstracts to journal articles, books and conference proceedings. It also includes the specialized databases ''International Bibliography of Art'' (IBA) and ''International Repertory of the Literature of Art'' (RILA).

BHL-Biodiversity Heritage Library

The Biodiversity Heritage Library was born from a consortium of libraries of botany and natural history in order to digitize and make available on open access the biodiversity literature present in their collections. In collaboration with The Internet Archive, BHL has digitized millions of pages of taxonomic literature corresponding to more than 120,000 titles and more than 200,000 volumes.

BIASA - Periodici italiani digitalizzati

A database providing online streaming access to digitised journal articles from around 120 titles owned by the Biblioteca di Archeologia e Storia dell'arte (BIASA) in Rome, with a publication date ranging from 18th to the first decades of 20th centuries. For each journal, the complete bibliographic record is given, along with search facilities by year of publication.

BIBit: bibliografia biomedica italiana

A database of journal articles taken from Italian veterinary and biomedical titles. The database is the result of a collaboration between the Italian Ministry of Public Health, universities, zooprophilactic institutes and hospitals. 


Free access database developed by the Institut des Sources Chrétiennes, in Lyon. It features over 400,000 biblical references to texts of the Jewish and Christian literary tradition, ranging from the beginning of the Christianity to year 1400. The user needs to sign up in order to get access.

Bibliografia dei manoscritti in scrittura beneventana

Online version of the "Bibliografia dei manoscritti in scrittura beneventana" (an annual publication by Viella publisher since 1993). BMB online is a census of bibliographic references to manuscripts in Beneventan script since 1990, irrespective of their source format or support.

Bibliografia del Parlamento italiano e degli studi elettorali (BPR)

Digital library and databases with books and papers from journals on historiographical and socio-political matters with regard to the Italian Parliament (since 1848), the Assemblea Costituente and the Consulta Nazionale.

Bibliografia storica nazionale

A database run by the Giunta Centrale per gli Studi Storici, featuring the annual census of historiographical papers published in Italy (books, conference proceedings, articles in scientific journals). It is available in 5 languages. Through the BSN, bibliographic references since 2000 are freely accessible on line. Content coverage ranges from prehistoric times to contemporary history.

Bibliographia Latina selecta

Online version of the fourth edition of the 1966 Short Bibliography of the Latin Language and Literature updated in the late 1990s. The general index is divided into lexicons, grammar and history of literature. Very useful as a repertoire to consult for the study of Latin literature.

Bibliostoria Web Resources

A large directory of quality web resources, selected by the librarians at the University of Milan, in the field of History Science. it features a  searching function Naviga tra le risorse, which allows users to access resources through a semantic structure of information.

Biblioteca Italiana

Digital library with a great amount of full-text works of Italian literature from Middle Ages to the Twentieth century.

Biblioteca Nacional de España (BNE)

The public access catalogue (OPAC) of the Spanish National Bibliography, hosted by the Biblioteca Nacional de España (BNE), the most important library in Spain.

Biblioteca Virtuale - Pubblicazioni ufficiali dello Stato

Collection of official information (Bulletins and Newsletters) from all the Branches of Italian Government, developed by the Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato.

Biblioteche d'interesse giuridico in Italia: informazioni e cataloghi on line

Index of over 200 websites of law libraries edited by Mario Ragona and hosted on the ITTIG (Istituto di Teorie e Tecniche dell'Informazione giuridica) website.

Biblioteche digitali

A directory of databases and digital library collections throughout the world, with a specific section on Italy. Here the user can find:

  • Directories of Italian digital libraries
  • Directories of Italian open archives
  • Directories of digital libraries from all over the world
  • Directories of open archives from all over the wolrd
  • Directories of digital libraries from individual countries

Biblioteche ISPRA - Catalogo

OPAC of the ISPRA (Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale) libraries, specialised in environmental issues, with a special account of Biological and Earth Sciences. It allows access to a Catalogue of Geological Maps.

Bibliotheca Classica Selecta

Web portal curated by the Université Catholique de Louvain, Faculté de Philosophie et Lettres that offers links to several resources useful for the students of Ancient History. The portal gives access to 4 different areas:

  • TOCS-IN: a bibliographic database with over 130,000 records
  • E-TRAV: a collection of electronic texts in French
  • E-TRAD: a collection of ancient greek and latin texts translated in French
  • E-RESS: a selection of quality web resources


Bibliotheque nationale de France (BNF)

The public access catalogue (OPAC) of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, the most important library in France.

BIBLOS biblioteca virtuale del CNR

The "BIBLOS" project aims to set up a telematic site within the CNR website, in which to bring together and integrate the possibilities of access to bibliographic and archival information, linguistic and textual resources, historical, archaeological and historical-artistic data, owned by institutes and study centers related to the CNR itself. It includes specialized bibliographies, theses in electronic format, photographic archives of maps, objects and even audio tracks for the study of phonetics

BIB-WEB. Bibliografia italiana delle biblioteche del libro e dell'informazione

BIB-WEB is an annotated bibliography focusing on Italian papers in Library and Information Science (LIS) and other topics of interest for Italian libraries. Subjects covered include Archival science, Bibliography, History of Book, Typography and Publishing, History of reading and Reading promotion activities, Books for children and Young adults. By now, BIB-WEB comprises bibliographic data from 1992 to 2001.

Biografie: mille anni di storia della scienza

Collection of short biographies of Italian scientists, edited by the Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza, Florence.

Biografie: Scienza a due voci

A project developed by the Department of Philosophy of the University of Bologna, aiming to complete a biographical dictionary of female scientists from 1700 until now. Each profile is enriched with bibliographic references and an iconographic gallery.

Biographisch-Bibliographische Kirchenlexikon

The Biographisch-Bibliographische Kirchenlexikon (BBKL) is a Biographical and bibliographical dictionary in German language, created in 1975, and focused on the History of Christianity. 

BioLine International

Free digital platform which provides users with access to quality scientific journals, published in several developing countries (such as Brazil, China, and India), dealing with tropical medicine, biodiversity, epidemiology and infectious diseases.

Biomed central

The indipendent publisher BioMed allows the users to access a great number of journal articles taken from its peer-reviewed publications in Biology, Pharmaceutics and Medicine.

Bionumbers: the database of useful biological numbers

Database that allows the user to find and browse biological numbers. It is the result of a collaboration between the Weizmann Institute in Israel and the Harvard University.

Biotech's Life Science Dictionary

A dictionary of Biological Sciences that includes terms in Biochemistry, Botany, Biotechnologies, Biology and Genetics.



Website that allows you to download through a simple registration ebooks related to various disciplinary fields related in particular to the world of economics, finance, marketing, engineering, statistics, mathematics and natural sciences.


Digital Library project developed by the Missouri Botanical Garden Library, with over 5,400 fully digitised early printed books on Botany. Its aim is to offer free access to the scientific literature on Botany in general, with specific reference to rare and special book collections.

Breve guida per la preparazione della tesi di laurea

A short and easy-to-use guide edited by some librarians of the University of Palermo, with hints and tips targeted to students who are preparing to write their degree thesis. The guide includes advice for bibliographic search, orientation on the use of tools and resources, and practical help on how to correctly edit and sort bibliographic citations and other sources.

Brevetti e invenzioni

A blog specialised in online technical support and patents, which helps users to find information regarding patents on "Espacenet".

Bridges & Structures

Section of the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal HighWay Administration (FHWA) website containing open access electronic resources (manuals, workshops, reports, videos) on bridges and highways.

British education index

A Database hosted by the University of Leeds, which indexes over 6,000 texts, including conference proceedings, working papers and online literature, with regard to Education science.

British Library

Official website of the British Library, one of the most important libraries in the world. It features catalogues of books, journal articles, patents, archives, images and other media.

BSI: Bibliografia della sociologia italiana on line

Bibliographical database, run by the University of Trento, Department of Sociology, with a focus on Italian scientific literature in Sociology. It comprises essays, monographs, journal articles, conference proceedings by Italian and international experts, published both in Italy and abroad.

BUSS: Biblioteche Universitarie afferenti alle Scienze Sociali

Index of University libraries of several Italian Universities and Research Bodies in the field of Business, Economics and Social Sciencs, edited by Raffaele Tarantino and hosted by the Associazione italiana Biblioteche (AIB) on its website.